Zen Arrives in Dungeon Boss

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http://spoonmeet.download/2018/08 kort roskilde centrum Sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it? i feel like ye hoodie there Zen is a new healer hero that has arrived in Dungeon Boss. He is a powerful, flying Light hero with some very interesting healing and team buff powers. Let’s take a look at some of the key statistics for Zen in Dungeon Boss.

http://producesugar.com/2018 repetiteur clignotant blanc hyundai coupé fx First, because he flies, he receives less damage from melee attacks. Second, when he heals allies, they gain the Impervious power. Finally, if he is defeated, all remaining allies on your team attack the last attacker. That will make opponents think twice about targeting Zen in PvP battles!

hemorrhagic shock wikipedia Here’s a look at his key powers:

  • stenvægge i køkken there Enlightenment – Heal an ally, granting them one turn of Haste, plus additional speed.
  • dummersdorfer ufer lübeck click Meditation – Heals all allies and makes them immune to Silence for 2 turns.
  • erik jensen vg Safe Haven – Heals and removes all debuffs from an ally, grants invincibility for 1 turn.
  • hvor kommer co2 fra see Immunize (trait) – Each healed ally gains Impervious (cannot be poisoned, burned, frozen, chilled, shocked or diseased) for two turns.

Zen is currently available in the Heroic Portal, and you can also earn Zen tokens by completing special event dungeons and related quests. The four event dungeons are:

  • Deadly Pursuit (E)
  • Dark Prophecy (M)
  • Time of Twilight (H)
  • End Times (VH)

Deadly Pursuit

In this tutorial mode dungeon, you’ll get to have Zen on your team, along with three other heroes of your choosing. The enemies you’ll face are all level 8-10, so unless you’re a total beginner in Dungeon Boss, you’re going to have an easy time of it. This dungeon is really just your chance to play with Zen and learn about his skills and talents.

The dungeon is an outdoor woods setting and the enemies include the Hellish Ox (armored beast warrior), Squealing Shiitake (mushroom magical), and the boss Bloodhorn, who is a Fire armored beast warrior. In addition to his armor, he has Burning Skin (small chance to burn melee attackers) and Frenzy II (extra crit chance).

Chances are you won’t really need to use any of Zen’s powers, other than his main attack, Pop and Cover. This is a basic ranged spirit attack that adds an Aegis shield, protecting Zen from taking any damage from the next counter-attack that comes his way.

Dungeon Boss - Zen - Deadly Pursuit

Dark Prophecy

In this dungeon, you’ll battle several minions including Onyx Bull (armored beast warrior), Hellish Bull (armored beast warrior), Desert Hunter (fast rogue), and Noble Shadowfolk (elf rogue). The boss is Darkhoof, a dark armored beast warrior. You can earn Lady Nimriel tokens from the chests that drop at the end, along with fire evo larvae and dark evo throughout the dungeon.

The dungeon is an underground lava/fire themed dungeon with five stages, including the Boss Fight. The enemies are level 25-26, making this a relatively easy fight for most experienced players. Fast Light heroes, such as Masuta Kira and Black Diamond, will have an advantage and get the jump on the Onyx Bull, Desert Hunters, Noble Shadowfolk and Darkhoof himself.

Darkhoof is a big and mean looking bull, but doesn’t have any special powers beyond being armored. It’s relatively easy to take him out with any light hero or with Therand Fiddlestrom.

Dungeon Boss - Zen - Dark Prophecy

Time of Twilight

Time of Twilight is an (H) or Hard rated dungeon that takes place deep underground and spans five rooms, including the boss fight. It’s recommended for levels 42-46.

You’ll battle several minions in this dungeon, including the Hellish Minotaur (armored beast warrior), Onyx Minotaur (armored beast warrior), Firespike Master (fast caster), and the Darkglare Master (fast caster). All of the enemies are fire or dark, meaning that if you have higher level water and light heroes, you should have an easy time of this dungeon as well.

Bloodhorn returns to this dungeon as the boss, and he’s much more powerful than when you encountered him in Deadly Pursuit. The drops include Lupina tokens, and fire evo and fire evo monarchs.

Dungeon Boss - Zen - Time of Twilight

End Times

The fourth and final dungeon for the event is End Times, a Very Hard (VH) rated dungeon that spans four rooms underground. It’s recommended for levels 64-69, making it significantly more challenging than the other three dungeons. It’s also an Epic Dungeon, meaning you cannot summon friends’ heroes to help out.

In this dungeon, you’ll face several minions including the Hellish Minotaur, Onyx Minotaur, Darkglare Master, and both Bloodhorn and Darkhoof together in the final boss fight. The chest at the end drops Leonidus tokens, and you can pick up dark evo and fire evo monarchs in the dungeon.

The completion quest for End Times rewards 10 Zen tokens — a nice reward for finishing off a tough battle to end this event.




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