Cheats is a deceptively simple game by Steve Howse that expands upon the classic “Snakes” game where you navigate as a snake around a playing area consuming dots. The more dots you consume, the longer your snake becomes. You keep playing until you crash into the body of another snake, while attempting to end the game of competing players by forcing them to crash into you or another snake.

In, you play in real-time against hundreds of other players, each with their own level of skill and strategy. With these cheats and tips, you’ll be able to compete with the best of the best.

Top Cheats and Tips from YouTube

Looking for some great Cheats and Tips from top players? Here’s are carefully selected collection of gameplay videos from top YouTubers, demonstrating all the key tips and techniques you need to become a master at the game.

In this lengthy 12-minute video you’ll see just how big of a snake you can get in That is, if you can survive the questionable music choices of the video’s creator. That’s ok — this is what the mute button is for.

A few “epic” moments compiled by YouTuber and set to a catchy reggae beat.