People Lose Their Minds in Central Park Over Pokémon Go


A large crowd of people descended upon Central Park when a very rare character from Pokémon Go spawned there the other night. Take a peek at this video, which shows otherwise ordinary adults pretty much lose their mind in a rush to add the character to their collection.

The character in question is the Vaporeon, which looks like this:

Pokémon Go - Vaporeon

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Why would people go this crazy over a virtual character in a game?” The answer is that the Vaporeon is an ultra-rare character that is known as an Eevee. They are fox-like creatures that can evolve in eight different directions. To collect all the Pokémon, you either have to catch Eevees and evolve them in all the different directions, or be lucky and catch an already-evolved one, like the Vaporeon pictured here.

Vaporeon for the win!



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