Loads of Clash Royale Sneak Peeks Unveiled

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lær at takle kroniske smerter view Supercell has been busy this week rolling out lots of sneak peeks for an upcoming update to the Clash Royale game. So far, there have been four sneak peeks, showcasing everything from a new arena to several new cards, including two new Legendary cards. Let’s take a look at the sneak peeks they’ve posted so far and recap what we know about what’s coming to the game.

Sneak Peek #1 – Frozen Peaks

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http://autumntwice.com/2018 stirbt hazel grace am ende Get ready for a new arena. Frozen Peaks will unlock at 2,300 trophies.

Sneak Peek #2 – Four New Cards

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mord bestrafung 2016 There are four new cards coming to the game. They include the Ice Spirit (common), Bowler (Epic) and two new Legendary Cards. But more on those in a quick second…

Sneak Peek #3 – Two New Legendaries

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http://sweetshoulder.life/2018/08 basic laungauge for aap development There are two new Legendary cards coming to the game — the Log and the Lumberjack!

Sneak Peek #4 – Tournaments

Clash Royale - Sneak Peeks - Create Tournaments

Tournaments can be unlocked at level 8. You can challenge nearby players for the chance to win huge Tournament Chests!

Let’s take a closer look at one of those beauties…

Clash Royale - Sneak Peeks - Tournament Chests


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