The Furnace Returns to the Hero Portal

goldprägung planet erde watch 0 elizabeth ras wilhelmus looijmans One of the most powerful and difficult heroes to obtain in Dungeon Boss has returned. The Furnace, a legendary heavy-hitting fire tank hero, is currently featured in the Heroic Portal and as the token prize in a series of special event quests and dungeons.

tør mund om natten The event dungeons take place deep underground, and the first one lets you try out The Furnace in an easy mode dungeon called, Furnace Escape.

lening maximaal duo view The Furnace’s powers are pretty impressive and include:

  • low grade fever sore throat and aches Feel the Burn – Melee physical attack against all enemies with a chance to burn.
  • liste öffentlicher bücherschränke Under Pressure – Ranged Fire attack that does more damage when pressure is high. Be careful of over pressure!
  • elizabeth kimmel willard Stoke the Boiler – Adds taunt to this hero, increases his pressure, and allies gain fire damage to attacks. Starts powered.
  • chariots paper route Combustion – Attack targets energy of an enemy igniting it, resetting all abilities to max cooldown.

smukkere end smuk lyrics there Dungeon Boss - The Furnace in a Fight

Here’s a list of all the special event dungeons:

  • Furnace Escape (E)
  • Crazy Kettle (M)
  • Ash and Fire (H)
  • Goblin Armory (VH)

The Furnace special event lasts for a few more days. Now is your chance to load up on those Furnace tokens and to possibly earn him as a reward in the Heroic Portal. Good luck with those summons!



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