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novel questions and answers Dungeon Boss is a fun new turn-based RPG combat game developed by Boss Fight Entertainment and published by Big Fish Games. It’s been available in some countries for a while, but was just released worldwide and featured by Apple in the iOS store as a Best New Game.

drumsolo azad kaan Here’s what the Apple App Store Editors had to say about the game.

france timbre no 922 au couvert view Most gamers agree — the best part about a dungeon is fighting the boss. Dungeon Boss has distilled all the best parts of RPG dungeons — from collecting loot to fighting minions and facing off with bosses — into an extremely streamlined and addicting package. Collecting and leveling new heroes is an undeniable hook — while creating and defending your own dungeon is an absolute blast. Big Fish’s gorgeous game is fast-paced, uniquely presented, and most of all–fun. The grind is real — and it’s amazingly fun.

idee glühbirne bilder Um, so Apple definitely thought the game was fun. Fortunately, so did we!

levin nestvold jr Dungeon Boss is a fairly straightforward RPG game with a distinct cartoon look and feel reminiscent of Clash of Clans. Astute observers will see that they even “borrowed” the Clash of Clans font for the title of the game. But look and feel is about where the similarities end. Dungeon Boss is a turn-based adventure RPG where you well, go into dungeons and fight bosses! Along the way, you fight minions, collect loot and level up your heroes to take on tougher and nastier boss monsters.

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You’ll begin gameplay with a single hero, but will quickly add a second at the end of the tutorial. Your first dungeon campaign, known simply as Chapter 1, begins with two heroes in your party. Later chapters will allow you to grow your overall party size to tackle tougher monsters.

As with most games in the RPG genre, there are plenty of quests, items, powers and heroes to keep the game entertaining for a while. Dungeon Boss has a particularly robust events calendar, with new events happening daily, including monster invasions and special bonuses that last for just 24 hours.

All-in-all, Dungeon Boss is a lighthearted RPG romp that will keep you entertained for hours. We loved it! Need help with the game? Be sure to visit our Dungeon Boss cheats page, which has tips, tricks and strategies for players of all levels.

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