Dungeon Boss Cheats

castle on the hill lyrics here Dungeon Boss is a fun RPG game developed by Bossfight and published by Big Fish Games. In this entertaining fantasy dungeon adventure, you’ll amass a party of heroes to enter into a series of dungeons to battle minions and bosses and collect loot and fame! Read on for lots of Dungeon Boss cheats, strategies, tips and tricks!


vergelijken van energieleveranciers link In Dungeon Boss, you’re nothing without your heroes. Your group of heroes makes up your adventuring party and a well-balanced and powerful group of heroes is the key to success. You’ll be able to select up to four heroes at a time for each dungeon that you explore.

scott sykler priser Heroes all belong to a certain class (Warrior, Rogue, etc.) and also belong to a particular Element group, which is either Fire, Nature, Water, Dark or Light. The various classes follow normal RPG conventions (for example, Warriors have high health while Casters have low health but do huge ranged damage) and any decent party contains a mix of different classes.

amerikanische bbq sauce go Element groups are important when it comes to your battles, because certain Elements have a distinct advantage over others and this translates to bonus damage done when attacking and reduced damage when defending. If the dungeon you’re attacking is populated by lots of enemies from a particular element, you’ll want to stock your party with several heroes from the more dominant element.

http://ringkind.site/2018/08 buchhandlungen philosophie ethnologie Fortunately, the rules around elements are pretty simple:

marcus og martinus light it up Fire beats Nature
Nature beats Water
Water beats Fire

bruke norsk tilhenger i sverige Light beats Dark
Dark beats Light

spanish jobs in india The last two are special. Light and Dark heroes each have an advantage over the other when attacking, but no defensive bonus.

http://soupexpensive.xyz/2018/08 mistet den ene tannen og fyllingen There are lots of heroes available in the game, and you gain new ones by summoning them at the Portal. Here’s a list of all the heroes you can unlock in the game.

Dungeon Boss - Yasmin Bloom Portrait

bradstreet chukka homme grise view Yasmin Bloom is a healer who can keep your party from wiping out against a tough boss.

Fire Heroes

  • Rogar Stonecrusher
  • Squinch
  • Nitpick
  • Lady Nimriel
  • Abigail the Brutal
  • Ignus the Mad
  • Lupina
  • Torchy
  • Mangle Jaw
  • Pignius Maximus
  • Furnace

Nature Heroes

  • Willow Swift
  • Chief NubNub
  • Phenol Thoxian
  • Phemus
  • Tsume
  • Bovus El Doro
  • Zurk
  • Jabber Clenchjaw
  • Rocky the Shiitake
  • Cruel King Bramble
  • Julius
  • Hansuke Undying

Water Heroes

  • Yasmin Bloom
  • Stone Fist
  • Samurai Takumi
  • Selwyn the Enduring
  • Sir William
  • Yokozuna
  • King Yorick
  • Therand Fiddlestrom
  • Indigo
  • Icebloom

Dark Heroes

  • Shadowblade
  • Kobal the Pestilent
  • Overlord Executum
  • Life Reaper Brom
  • Ella Ametryst
  • Dagrund Blacksmoke
  • Pontifex Mortis
  • Malice

Light Heroes

  • Black Diamond
  • Archangel Emily
  • Ekko
  • Sifu Jianzhi
  • Alexandros
  • Masuta Kira
  • Dhaegon Stonecrusher
  • Augustus
  • Leonidus

The Portal

banque iena anglais go The Portal is where you can summon heroes to join your team. There are four basic types of summons:

  • Great Summon (10,000 gold coins)
  • Heroic Summon (300 gems)
  • Honor Summon (500 honor scrolls)
  • VIP Summon (requires VIP level 5)

Dungeon Boss Portal

Great Summon

The Great Summon is the most common, as it costs only gold, which is earned very easily in dungeons. You can earn common items and Hero Tokens. Note that the Great Summon will only drop hero tokens and not full hero unlocks. Here are the hero tokens you can earn by performing a Great Summon

  • Nitpick
  • Abigail the Brutal
  • Zurk
  • Sir William
  • Torchy
  • Tsume
  • Selwyn the Enduring
  • Shadowblade
  • Yasmin Bloom
  • Stone Fist
  • Willow Swift
  • Rogar Stonecrusher
  • Kobal the Pestilent
  • Jabber Clenchjaw
  • Phemus
  • King Yorick
  • Alexandros
  • Bovus El Doro

Heroic Summon

To perform a heroic summon, you must spend gems, which can be earned in dungeon runs or can be bought via in-app purchases. Heroic Summons give you access to rare heroes and you’re guaranteed to earn at least a hero token, although many times you’ll get the full hero unlock, making this type of summon expensive but potentially very rewarding. Here are the heroes and tokens you can earn through a Heroic Summon.

  • Ignus the Mad
  • Yokozuna
  • Alexandros
  • Archangel Emily
  • Overlord Executum
  • Life Reaper Brom
  • Ekko
  • Phenol Thoxian
  • Sifu Jianzhi
  • Cruel King Bramble
  • Masuta Kira
Ignus the Mad from Heroic Summon

Ignus the Mad is one of the potential heroes you earn in a heroic summon.

Honor Summon

Honor Summons are performed using honor scrolls, which are gained by having friends use your champion in their own battles. Each summon requires you to spend 500 honor scrolls, and the summon can provide common items or a hero/token. You’re guaranteed at least one hero token in each summon. Here are the heroes and tokens you can earn through an Honor Summon.

  • Chief NubNub
  • Mangle Jaw
  • Squinch
  • Ignus the Mad
  • Samurai Takumi
  • Black Diamond
  • Dagrund Blacksmoke
  • Pontifex Mortis
  • Therand Fiddlestrom
  • Kobal the Pestilent
  • Jabber Clenchjaw
  • Phemus
  • King Yorick

Dungeon Boss Cheats and Tips

There are a number of in-game strategy tips available. Some are just common sense, but others are important to a successful campaign in Dungeon Boss. We’ve consolidated them here with additional commentary.

  • Too hard? Try upgrading your abilities and leveling your Heroes.
  • Abilities not hitting like they used to? Don’t forget to upgrade them.
  • If you get stuck on a Dungeon try coming back when your Heroes are higher level.
  • Quests are a good way to raise your Player Level so you can level up Heroes.
  • Revive potions can help defeat a tough boss.
  • Visit the Portal to get XP potions and Evos to improve your Heroes.
  • Hold on an enemy to see what kind of abilities or buffs they have.
  • Health Potions can be critical to success even if you have a healer.
  • Try to use your area of effect attacks on large groups of enemies.
  • Whenever your heroes level up, raise their abilities as soon as possible.
    Note: it’s easy to forget to do this! Take it from our experience: don’t try to take a level 10 hero into battle with Tier 1 abilities. Trust us–it doesn’t work out too well.
  • Sometimes a lucky Critical Hit can take out a tough boss.
  • Freeze, Daze, Silence, and Chill are great at disrupting enemy boss abilities.
  • Fire Heroes are better against Nature bosses.
  • Nature Heroes are better against Water bosses.
  • Water Heroes are better against Fire bosses.
  • You can always go back and beat easier dungeons until your Heroes are stronger.

Dungeon Boss FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for Dungeon Boss.

What are the hammers for in Dungeon Boss?

One of the most frequently asked questions in Dungeon boss is, “What do you use the hammers for?” As you earn loot from chests in your first few dungeons, you’ll see that some of them contain hammers, which get added to your inventory. But there doesn’t appear to be any way to use the Dungeon Boss hammers — until you get to level 10 and unlock your very own dungeon.

Then you discover that the hammers in Dungeon Boss are used to make improvements to your Dungeon Chest. You can spend the hammers you’ve earned to improve both the rate of gold that the chest earns and the overall holding capacity of the chest.

There you have it! Now one of the greatest Dungeon Boss mysteries has been put to rest. Happy hammering!

How do you beat Kang-Kung in Chapter 5?

Next to the hammers question, this is possibly one of the biggest questions in Dungeon Boss. The final boss in Chapter 5 – Reflection Halls is Kang-Kung, a 3-star magical beast with the fast ability, meaning he attacks first. A clue to how difficult this level is: the description for this dungeon simply is, “So, how many times were you defeated?”

There are a few different strategies on how to beat him and pass this level, but in general the best way to approach it is this:

  • You need to be at least level 15, and it’s recommended that you are level 17 or higher.
  • Make sure you have Stone Fist or another hero with the taunt ability to absorb all the attacks. Note that Stone Fist will need to have ascended at least once to gain this power.
  • Use a hero with a multi-target attack such as Rogar with his Whirlwind ability to take out the summoned items.
  • Be sure that all of your heroes are leveled up to the maximum with their abilities.
  • Bring along plenty of Revive potions!

Another popular combination is to use Stone Fist, Willow Swift and Yasmin Bloom. Take a peek at this video, which gives you step-by-step instructions:

How Do I Get Lupina?

Lupina is a rare hero in wolf (beast) form. You earn Lupina tokens whenever you open an amazing chest inside a Treasure Room. When you choose one of the three chests that appear, there’s a chance that the one you select will be amazing and contain a Lupina token. Collect 10 of these to unlock the hero.

Unfortunately, both the appearances of the Treasure Rooms and the chance of getting an amazing chest are both entirely random, so the only way to earn enough tokens to unlock Lupina is to keep grinding away at the dungeons.

If you’re specifically grinding to earn Lupina, then it makes the most sense to stick with dungeons from the lower chapters, since you’ll be able to complete them faster.

Dungeon Boss - Lupina from Chest

Who are the Legendary Heroes?

There are three legendary heroes in Dungeon Boss. The first is the mighty Igorok, the most powerful hero in the game. The second is Pontifex Mortis, a hero who is unlocked by earning tokens in PvP tournaments. Finally, the third legendary hero is the Goblin King Bramble, who can be unlocked from the heroic summons portal or occasionally from tokens earned during in-game events that feature him.

How Do I Unlock Irogok?

Igorok is unlocked through the Heroic and VIP summons portals. His “drop rate” is very low making him a rare treat. Be ready to be either very lucky, spend a lot of real money on gems, or both! There are often special events featuring IGOROK that allow you to earn additional tokens by completing special event dungeons and completing themed quests.

What Are the Daily Quests and Rewards?

Daily quests are repeatable activities that reset at midnight based on your local time. They’re a fantastic way to earn player XP, gems, gold, hammers, and honor scrolls. Generally speaking, you want to try to complete all of your daily quests in order to maximize your advancement through the game.

Each day, you’ll get two “kill” quests, where you need to defeat different types of enemies in the dungeons. These quests change each day and target enemies that are located in dungeons suited for your current player level. You’ll also get several quests that are exactly the same each day. These include:

  • The Collector – collect 5 hero tokens from dungeons.
  • Upgrade – upgrade 6 hero abilities
  • Power Level – gain 5 hero levels
  • Gold Collector – collect My Dungeon gold 2 times
  • Dungeon Raider – Win 2 PVP raids
  • Day Trading – Spend 20 gems
  • Secret Hunter – Find 25 sparkly objects in dungeons

Completing all nine daily quests will earn you a lot of gold, xp, gems and other treasure.

How Do I Use a Friend’s Hero?

Every player can have a champion, which is one of their current heroes who can be shared with other players for use in battle. A Champion can be summoned once in a battle to execute one of its special abilities, and depending on the situation, this can have a big impact on the outcome of the battle.

More importantly, each time you summon a champion, both you and your friend receive 30 honor scrolls. This alone makes summoning champions an important part of the game. In fact, in most cases, it’s good to summon a champion for the boss battle even if you’re confident that you don’t really need the help.

You can access your friends’ champions by clicking on the yellow and black icon in the bottom right of your screen during battle. The Champion appears and then executes its special ability (usually an attack) on the enemy you target. Some champions perform beneficial actions, and in those cases, you need to select one of your own heroes as the target.

Dungeon Boss Friend Icon

The yellow and black icon can be used to summon a friend’s champion in battle.

You can only summon one champion per battle. Once used, a friend’s champion is unavailable for 24 hours, unless you’re willing to spend gems to re-summon.

Tip: because you earn honor scrolls each time your champion is summoned by a friend, try to choose a popular hero to be your champion. The most popular heroes tend to be those that perform area attacks (such as Rogar Stonecrusher or Tsume) or those that provide significant buffs to a player’s party, such as Rocky the Shiitake.

What is the Tower of Pwnage?

The Tower of Pwnage is a new feature introduced in version 0.5.3044 on December 10, 2015. This is a new play mode where you progress in PvP battles through the floors of a tower. The PvP battles in Tower of Pwnage do not require raid tickets like regular PvP battles and you can play a round in the Tower once per day.

With each level you conquer, you earn various rewards, including Pwnage Points, which can be redeemed for items in the Pwn Shop. These items are very similar to what can be bought in the Honor Shop, and include various Evos, Hero Tokens and Loot Keys.

As you progress through the battles, you can use all of your heroes, but they do not heal or regain lost energy inbetween battles. In other words, if one of your heroes ends at 10% health, it would be a serious disadvantage to bring him back into battle for another round. For this reason, Tower of Pwnage is best suited to players who have accumulated and leveled up a large number of different heroes.

How Do I Join a Guild?

Guilds were introduced with the December 10, 2015 update to Dungeon Boss. You can join a guild, which is formed with other players. Guilds get a separate chat window and players can work together to earn Guild Crowns by successfully completing daily quests.

How Do I Open the Trade Portal?

Sadly, this is a long-running (and stupid) joke in the general chat section of Dungeon Boss. If you hear players making claims about a mysterious, “trade portal” you can safely ignore them. They’re just trolling around, looking for gullible people to tease. There is no ability to trade items with other players in the game.


Of course, the game wouldn’t be called Dungeon Boss without dungeons (and bosses!) and dungeons are where you do most of your adventuring in Campaign mode. Each dungeon contains a series of battle stages with minions, leading up to a final confrontation with a boss, who is much more difficult to defeat than the minions you encountered earlier. This is where the fun really happens!

To enter a dungeon, you must expend a certain amount of Stamina. The cost for each dungeon is indicated next to the lightning bolt icon.

Fighting a Skeleton in Dungeon Boss

Most of the time, you’ll be underground in dungeons taking on minions and bosses.

The dungeons generally have themes and are often populated by minions and bosses from a certain Element (such as Fire or Water). You’ll want to keep this in mind when you compose your party, making certain to take advantage of elemental bonuses.

Another important factor for dungeons is that successfully completing them usually results in the reward of a particular hero token. Each dungeon only gives one token per day.

ChapterDungeonHero Token
1Voiceless HuntersWillow Swift
1Tangle of ClawsWillow Swift
1Catacombs of MuckNitpick
1Feral AllianceWillow Swift
1Bramblelurk TrailWillow Swift
1Bramblelurk KeepShadowblade
2Molten BurrowsRogar Stonecrusher
2Steaming WastelandSquinch
2Empty CagesYasmin Bloom
2Scorched HomesteadRogar Stonecrusher
2Lake of SlagRogar Stonecrusher
2Mage TowerYasmin Bloom
2Pillar of CommandSquinch
2Throne of AshBlack Diamond
3Frostridge PassStone Fist
3Permafrost MinesSelwyn the Enduring
3Bonechilled QuarryStone Fist
3The RuneforgeRogar Stonecrusher
3Stonehelm CitadelYokozuna
4The Land BeneathRogar Stonecrusher
4Beastmen VillageYasmin Bloom
4Magma FieldsRogar Stonecrusher
4Icy CoreStone Fist
4Mercenary FortressYasmin Bloom
4Shimmering CavesStone Fist
4Icy HollowShadowblade
5Crimson WoodsWillow Swift
5War Torn VillageRogar Stonecrusher
5Jade ForestWillow Swift
5Mystic ValeWillow Swift
5Shogunate FortressYasmin Bloom
5Silent CavernRock Fist
5Timeless FrostRock Fist
5Spirit's RestSir William
5Frozen WastesStone Fist
5Reflection HallsBlack Diamond
6Plagued LandAbigail the Brutal
6Dark WoodSelwyn the Enduring
6Fire RotAbigail the Brutal
6Forsaken KeepTsume
6Under WoodSelwyn the Enduring
6Necrotic ChambersShadowblade
7Noble VillageChief NubNub
7The Farm LandsChief NubNub
7Supply RouteTsume
7Elite GarrisonNitpick
7The VanguardBlack Diamond
8Blazing FarmlandsAbigail the Brutal
8War FrontChief NubNub
8The Second WaveAbigail the Brutal
8Frozen CryptsSelwyn the Enduring
8Goblin HordesChief NubNub
8The Infinite ArmySquinch
8Hope's EndLife Reaper Brom
9Undying LandAbigail the Brutal
9Sleepless RespiteSelwyn the Enduring
9The Black FortressTsume
9Shadow GateChief NubNub
9Unholy CapitolIgnus the Mad
10The InfernoAbigail the Brutal
10Torture ChambersTsume
10Demon's BreathAbigail the Brutal
10Cursed TowerTsume
10Infernal BastionYokozuna
11Undead EncampmentSelwyn the Enduring
11Traitor's RetreatNitpick
11Defiled SanctuaryZurk
11Summit of PowerTsume
11Plagued SewersZurk
11Festering HallsTsume
11Lair of the LitchLife Reaper Brom
12Purged LandsTorchy
12The Secret PassageKobal the Pestilent
12Past the WallNitpick
12Check PointPhemus
12Warrior VillageZurk
12The ArenaIgnus the Mad
13Captive BarracksKobal the Pestilent
13The FurnaceTorchy
13Abandoned PassSir William
13The AbyssLife Reaper Brom
14Flooded CampZurk
14Sacred ForestZurk
14Scorched IceSir William
14Raiders CampYasmin Bloom
14Pillaged VillageSquinch
14The VaultNitpick
14Imperial DungeonKobal the Pestilent
14Emperor's PalaceIgnus the Mad
15Empty CryptsTorchy
15Marauder LandsSir William
15Trail of BonesSir William
15Demon's DenTorchy
15Marauder ArenaSelwyn the Enduring
15Smoldering TrailSquinch
15Fire Lord TempleKing Yorick
16Tar PitsTorchy
16Sulfur MarshPhemus
16Frozen BrimstoneSir William
16Frost Fire ChasmSir William
16Temple RuinsKobal the Pestilent
16Barren WastesTorchy
16Bone BlightMangle Jaw
16Scorching RuinsSquinch
16Blazing InfernoMangle Jaw
16Devourer of FlamesPhenol Thoxian
17Harrowing CliffsEkko
17Singing PeaksNitpick
17Silent CavesJabber Clenchjaw
17Rune ShrineEkko
17The Rune TempleYokozuna
18Creon's TreesPhemus
18Creon's RocksEkko
18Creon's IceJabber Clenchjaw
18Creon's ArenaMangle Jaw
18Creon's HomeKing Yorick
19Cursed HillsideEkko
19Whisper WoodZurk
19Razor Wind PassPhemus
19Coarse ClimbEkko
19Blistering SummitMangle Jaw
19Demon's HoardKobal the Pestilent
19Deadly DescentPhenol Thoxian
20Celestial GateEkko
20Aurora GladePhemus
20Spirit's SanctuaryPhemus
20Sky TempleEkko
20Trial of StrengthKobal the Pestilent
20Trial of HeartMangle Jaw
20Trial of WisdomJabber Clenchjaw
20PinnacleKing Yorick
21Dread WastesMangle Jaw
21Corrupted CavernsJabber Clenchjaw
21WitherbloomJabber Clenchjaw
21Scarred LandsMangle Jaw
21Heroes EndKobal the Pestilent
21Splinter WoodPhemus
21Vile ThornChief NubNub
21TimbersawJabber Clenchjaw
21Path of DarknessZurk
21Garden of EvilDhaegon Stonecrusher

What Are Challenge Mode Dungeons?

Have you completed all the dungeons? Looking for a tougher challenge? That’s what Challenge Mode dungeons are for! These are the same dungeons that you can play in Normal mode, but with increased difficulty. The Challenge Mode dungeons are significantly harder to play and include many more epic dungeons than the normal mode. Challenge Mode is unlocked at Level 30.

Beginning with the April 2016 update, there are some important changes to Challenge Mode. Each run through now costs just 5 stamina (it was 10 before). Challenge Mode also provides 2x the player XP over the Normal Mode dungeons, but only on a full play-through (Quick Loot only provides the normal amount of XP).

Challenge Mode dungeons also provide orbs as loot, which can be used to earn the Blessing of the Seeker reward via collection quests. Every 1,000 orbs earns you another Blessing of the Seeker token, which can be applied to the hero of your choice.