The Clash Royale Chest Drop Cycle Explained

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collection tamaris printemps 2018 Did you know that the order of chests you receive after winning battles in Clash Royale is not random? Nor is it based on how well you defeated your opponent. Instead, the order in which you receive the different chests in Clash Royale follows a very specific order and works via a repeating cycle of 240 chests. Yes, for real!

ustream live malmø check Knowing this, you can use the full Clash Royale chest drop table listed below to plan out the various wait times, as well as to know just when to expect that Giant Chest or Magical Chest. You can also use this information to exploit the trick for how to get a guaranteed free Legendary card.

The Clash Royale Chest Drop Cycle Table

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Clash Royale Chest Drop Cycle

store hotel pooler couleur flamant rose What about the wooden chests at the beginning of the game?

cave huet cambremer link During the tutorial, you’ll receive six wooden chests. Once you have completed the tutorial and received all six, the normal chest loot cycle begins. roland garros paris logo flashdance musical deutschland facebook What about the Super Magical Chest?

It’s true that sometimes, completely by random, you’ll get a Super Magical Chest. This is awesome, of course. If you do get one, it will replace whatever chest you would have normally received in order.

What happens if my chest slots are full?

If you win a battle and all of your chest slots are full, then no chest is awarded and the chest drop cycle is paused. You’ll receive the next chest on the list as soon as one of your slots open and you win your next battle in the game.


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