Clash Royale Arena 3 and 4 Deck – Giant and Baby Dragon teveel vrouwelijke leerkrachten 0 abnahmen bei mützen stricken After seeing this video from Clash with Ash, we’ve been playing through Clash Royale Arena 3 and 4 (Barbarian Bowl and P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse) with ease using this very versatile deck that features the Giant and Baby Dragon combo on attack. This deck is so efficient that we’ve even seen great success in Arena 5.

maman célibataire avec 2 enfants there Here’s how it works. The deck is a very low-cost elixir-efficient deck. The average elixir cost of your cards is just 3.4, meaning that you’ll be playing at or near full elixir for most of the game and will have plenty of opportunities to drop your key combo. This key combo is the Giant + Baby Dragon. Together, they’re very difficult to stop, especially when backed up by high damage dealing cards like the Musketeer and Bomber.

Clash Royale - Giant and Baby Dragon vaseline intensive care aloe The Giant and Baby Dragon are the all-stars of this deck and provide a killer 1-2 punch to your enemy’s towers.

bianca ingrosso instagram here doktor osman frankfurt kaiserstraße Here are all the cards you’ll be using in this Deck:

maladies sexuellement transmissible cause check Gameplay with this deck is very straightforward. As always, it’s best to take it slow and let your opponent make the first move. Your main defensive cards in this deck are the Goblins and the Cannon. For incoming air attacks, you have the Musketeer, Minions and of course your Arrows. herr henning hoops If you start the game with both the Giant and the Baby Dragon in your hand of available cards, you can do a push right away. Your main push will be placing the Giant with the Baby Dragon slightly behind him. This will cost a heavy 9 elixir, but these two tank units can take a lot of damage as they advance to the enemy tower. As your elixir replenishes, it’s time to back up your dynamic duo with some help from damage dealers. My favorite is the Musketeer, who can take out a tower on her own. If you’re facing swarms of ground troops, however, drop the Bomber in behind the Baby Dragon and watch them rip your enemies to shreds. lommepener barn 13 år The Cannon is used on defense to buy time for elixir replenishment and distract incoming enemies. It creates the perfect opportunity to defend one lane while you prepare a counter-push in the other.

lovligheten av eiendomsskatt Here’s a peek at the original video featuring this deck, along with more detailed tips and tricks.

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