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horloge linda abonnement In Vegas City, you become a high roller trying to build your very own city in the style of Las Vegas. You’ll build your own hotels, casinos and restaurants with the hope of attracting lots of tourists and their cash to your growing entertainment empire. The Vegas City cheats and tips will help all beginners to the game.

Getting Started

beste vgs i oslo 2016 here When you start out, you select your advisor, which can be either Sonny Rizzo or Princess Tiffany. This is just aesthetics, your choice won’t affect gameplay or the outcome. Once you do, you’ll be in the tutorial mode and will being building your own entertainment paradise.


kundgørelse for forsvaret Vegas City is basically a game of real estate, where you build hotels and casinos with the goal of attracting tourists to your growing town. You’re trying to build weath and experience (XP) as part of an effort to build a bigger and more successful city than your friends. During the tutorial, you’ll place your headquarters, buy your first few buildings, and be underway with your city.

To build, you simply buy plots of land and then select the buildings you wish to construct. It’s really important to remember to connect the new buildings to your HQ with roads, so that money generated at your new buildings will flow into your coffers.


Vegas City Reservations

Book lots of reservations to keep those tourist dollars pouring in.

The key to getting visitors to your city is reservations. When you click on one of your hotels, you can buy a reservation. There’s an initial cost to you to book the reservation. Each reservation has a time associated with it, along with income. At the end of the time, you’ll earn the income and that amount minus the cost is your profit. The catch is you’ll need to be around to collect your income, so only choose reservation times that will expire when you’re able to return to the game.

You can increase your income at each hotel by purchasing decorations to make them fancier for your guests.


Missions in Vegas City

Complete missions to get big rewards in Vegas City.

Another important way of earning money and XP is to complete missions. To start doing missions, click on the icon of your advisor near the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a menu of missions that you can do. To learn about each one, click the Read More button. Once you complete the tasks outlined in the mission, return to this menu and click on the collect reward button. Don’t forget to do this, or you won’t get the reward for completing your mission!

Doing all the missions early in the game is one of the best ways to quickly earn cash and gain levels through XP. Don’t worry about the costs of the tasks because the rewards are far greater than the costs.


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