Top 20 Baby Names for Fallout Shelter

bruksrett kalkulator hytte visit 0 de graaf landgoed driessen Have you been playing Fallout Shelter, the latest game for iOS from Bethesda? If you have, you know that one of the activities that your vault dwellers will undertake from time to time is, um, making babies. Hey, it gets boring and lonely underground in the post-apocalypse, so really what’s a dweller to do? lullaby of birdland lyrics Of course, a natural consequence of the dweller hanky-panky is that some of your female dwellers get pregnant and then a little while later, new babies are born. Funny, I didn’t see a stork fly by.

laptop via tv Once new babies are born in the game, Fallout Shelter prompts you to name them. You can accept the suggested name or type in one of your own choosing. But since the game has a 1950’s feel to it, we thought we’d suggest (ta-da) some of the following names from that era, courtesy of the Social Security Administration, which conveniently publishes lists of the top given names for every decade from the past 100 years. Taxpayer money at work, folks! guldbelagt halskæde med c So without further ado, here are the top boys and girls names to use for Fallout Shelter.


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