Three Tips and Cheats for Six!


Six! is a new fast-action puzzle arcade game from GramGames, the makers of 1010! and Merged! You can download and play it on iOS. The object of the game is to stay “alive” as long as possible by keeping a hexagon balanced on a tower of blocks, which you remove one-by-one to accumulate points. It’s a game of speed, balance, and a tiny bit of luck. The goals of the game are remarkably simple:

  • Remove the blocks
  • Keep your balance
  • Complete the different challenges

Here is a collection of some tips, tricks and techniques for conquering Six!

Go Slow

You can move quickly in Six! if you like, and sometimes the temptation to tap and remove as many blocks as possible is strong. But this is a game that rewards you for thinking carefully about which blocks to remove and in which order. The goal is to keep your hexagon falling back towards the center of the tower each time. Take a moment to consider how it will fall each time you tap on a block.

Clear the Blocks that Won’t Affect the Hexagon’s Fall First

Six! - Remove these Blocks First

Sometimes you’ll get very lucky and there will be some blocks to clear that won’t affect the Hexagon’s next drop. Take a moment to clear these first and rack up some easy points.

Check Out Some Six Gameplay

Here’s some basic Gameplay from Six! courtesy of the Play AppTube channel.



Watch the Official Trailer

Take a peek at the official Six! trailer from GramGames.


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