Star Wars: Commander Updated to Version 2.1.1

emma abo adresse ändern watch 0 heung min son Star Wars: Commander was updated yesterday to version 2.1.1. The most significant change was the release of Chapter 9 single-player missions for both factions. The new chapter takes place on the planet Dandoran and the story revolves around the search for Senator Johhar Kessen. Another big change is how units track through the battlefield. This addresses one of the biggest complaints in the game–that infantry units act in a pretty crazy way during the attack.

louis nielsen log in view There are also two new starships in the game. The Rebel Alliance gets access to the Z-95 Headhunter and the Galactic Empire can now build the TIE Interceptor.

knesebeck haus kaufen Here are the full notes for the release:

Version 2.1.1 (Sep 12, 2014) gutt på trapp Commanders, new chapters and improved performance have been added to the game to make your experience smoother as you rise through the ranks in this newest update! nyborg skole sfo Check out these New Features:
• Chapter 9 missions are now unlocked for both factions! Venture to Dandoran in search of Senator Johhar Kessen, who will play a key role in your faction’s fight for power!
• Updated troop and vehicle behavior in battles! Deployed units now move through battle more effectively.
• Build up your base and improve your defenses more quickly by upgrading structures directly from the Upgrade menu.
• New Starships have been added to the game!
o Rebels, unlock the Z-95 Headhunter and put its Ion torpedoes to use tearing down walls of the Empire strongholds!
o Imperials, unlock the TIE Interceptor to crush Rebel bases with its four wingtip-mounted laser cannons.
• New Empire Hero added:
o Bring destruction to the enemies of the Empire with the AT-MP Mark III!
• Added additional artwork for buildings within the game.

persönliche feste im islam visit This update also addresses the following issues:
• Fixed issues that would cause crystal purchases to not be correctly credited to players.
• Fixed multiple error message issues that would force a player to reload at the end of combat.
• Additional fixes and performance improvements.

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