Star Wars: Commander – Dandoran Conflict Launches


The first time-limited campaign for the mobile RTS game Star Wars: Commander has launched. It’s called the Dandoran Conflict and it will be available for the next several days. As you complete missions in the campaign, you’ll earn special points which can be used to purchase new units in the game. The availability of these units is also time-limited, so you’ll need to act quickly to both complete and purchase the rewards for the Dandoran Conflict!

The rewards include several single-use new units that you can purchase with your accumulated points. If you earn 6,000 points (you’ll need to complete all 26 missions to earn this many), you can unlock a new troop for ongoing use.

Completing the Dandoran Conflict will be difficult. Most players are reporting that it’s essential that you’ve achieved a Level 6 Headquarters, and the resulting units and capabilities, to successfully complete all 26 missions in this campaign.

The final mission is repeatable, and because completing all 26 missions will leave you with slightly less than the 6,000 points you need to unlock the Vanguard/Shock Troopers. Therefore, plan on replaying the final mission many times over. A common strategy that many players are reporting is to save time and expense by only attempting to gain 1 or 2 stars on the first 25 missions and then re-playing mission 26 many times over to achieve the 6,000 credit total.

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