Smurfs & Co Beginners’ Guide


The Smurfs & Co is a resource collecting and village creation game for Facebook, which features the tv characters from “The Smurfs” which then coincides with the newly released of the movie, The Smurfs in 3D, and is also becoming a growing community as more and more people are coming to see the movie. People who are also familiar with the other games on Facebook will be able to easily gasp with the tasks in the game as it is almost identical with the others.Your settlementwill need to make you clear the forest of weeds and rocks that cover your area, then you will need to build some of the facilities through thematerials that are taken from harvesting from the forests and rocks around the settlement or were given by your friends. The goal here is to expand your settlement and make it as attractive it can be so that the TV character Smurfs would come and join in.listed here are some ways to hasten your time in building your own Smurfy Village.

The game Smurfs & Co revolves around the collection of resources, money and happiness just like the other games in its genre and how quickly you can build up your very own settlement. But unlike in the other Facebook games you don’t have to spend too much on your Facebook credits to acquire the energy needed in building your village,while clearing up the forest of weeds, trees, rocks and thorns you are givenSmurfberries, which can also be treated as credits in order to buy more energy from the shop. So don’t close your browser just yet when you have ran out of energy just go to the shop window and buy energy with those Smurfberries that you have collected. But do not use those energy powerups when you are just about to level up, because when you level up you replenish all of your energy so try not to use the powerups as you will be in need of them more in some other time. When you are clearing out weeds make sure that you don’t clear out the part near the river shore which are above the tall grass, you cannot create any facilities on top of those tall grass, instead you would have to build them on those light green areas so your goal should only be those light green ones unless you have expanded well and just time to kill and plenty of energy for harvesting them.

On gaining experience points in The Smurfs & Co., the quickest way to earn them is to build new facilities and completing them, but they do expend a lot of those hard earned resources which limits how many facilities you can be built. And one problem that will arise will be most of your facilities will be left unfinished so the settlement will become full of useless facilities instead of doing that. The best ones to build for quick experience are the tiny Smurf huts they on cost 500 coins to build and they are pretty quick to complete them. And the only materials needed for them to be completed are the “Bundle of Sticks”, and those appear frequently as you are clearing out the forest of weeds and trees. These facilities need only 2 energies to be completed. And if completed these would also help you increase up the overall Smurfs happiness as only the complete facilities or stocked-up facilities increase the happiness of your Smurfy village. Complete stocked up buildings grants you profit too as more facilities are erected and completed the more profit will be earned even if you are not actually in the Smurfs & Co game. And each time you give those facilities their supplies it will earn you more profit every time a smurf in your village comes in them. And with each supply the profits will increase much more. Until the supplies last for each completed facility, even when you are not actively logged in on Facebook these facilities will continue to make you more money and as you build more facilities more smurfs will be joining your settlement as well as increased happiness they also coincide to make your smurfy settlement more profitable.

You can also get a freebie just by liking the Smurfs Movie in Facebook, you will be obtaining the Outdoor Cinema facility for the Smurfs & Co game which will be located in your stash. So access your stash then locate it under workshop, you will be able to place it in your village, without the cost of building it like energy or other necessary materials. These will also grant you free money and happiness for your settlement.One more facility that can be easily built is Hefty’s Gym, even though it might be more expensive and energy consuming than most but it only takes 3 blue gems to complete. These gems are easily obtained through crushing those generic rocks. If built, these facilities can also grant you quite a lot of happiness and profit.


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