Smashy Road: Wanted – 7 Killer Tips and Cheats

euro usd grafiek link 0 sophie løhde nævnenes hus Smashy Road: Wanted is a very popular free-to-play game from RK Games Studio that mimics the style of the Crossy Road game franchise with simple colorful and blocky graphics. The gameplay is straightforward — you control a car and you try to cause as much damage and mayhem in the city as possible while avoiding the cops. You earn more points the longer you avoid pursuit and the overall goal is to accumulate as many points as you can until you’re either busted by the cops or your vehicle gets wasted with too much damage. Want to know the keys to success for this game? Read on for some killer gebrechen wotlk gamona see Smashy Road cheats and tips.

noor zaman khan smashyRoadBusted

Collect the Cash oelsockel neu streichen As you drive around the city in Smashy Road, you’ll see small piles of cash on the ground. Pick these up whenever you can, because they’re the key to unlocking new cars to play. For every 100 cash you collect, you can unlock a new vehicle in the game. You can also collect cash in Smashy Road: Wanted by watching advertisement videos.

lille klaus og store klaus Smashy Road - Cash So Close

Drive on the Median

le creuset stegeso tilbud there If you’re looking to put some extra distance between you and your pursuit, try driving down the median of the major roads. In addition to easily avoiding traffic on the roads, you’ll pick up cash more easily. The cash is usually placed in the middle of the roads, and when you drive up the median, you won’t need to turn your car to pick it up. mijn kpn diensten nl Smashy Road Median

Driving down the median also lets you easily deal with police roadblocks. Although the road lanes are blocked with police cars, the median is only blocked with a small gate–one that is very easy to smash through.

Watch Advertisements to Earn Cash Faster

Sure you can pick up cash in piles one-by-one, but it’s a lot faster to earn the cash by watching an in-game advertisement from time to time. You’ll earn cash in piles of 20 or more for watching video advertisements from Ad Colony. Or, just use the time while the ad is playing for a bathroom or coffee break!

Make Quick Turns in Front of Buildings

A great technique to shake off pursuit is to make a quick 90 or 180-degree turn in front of a building. When executed properly, pursuing police vehicles won’t react quickly enough and they’ll crash into the buildings. This takes practice to get it perfect and you’ll need to be playing with the right kind of vehicle, such as a sports car or something with a decent turning radius. Don’t try this technique with a large truck. It’s not pretty!

Smashy Road - Building Turns

Watch the Stars!

The game difficulty increases as you accumulate stars.

  • 1 Star – Only a few police cars are in pursuit
  • 2 Stars – More police join the chase
  • 3 Stars – Larger police vans join the chase and roadblocks are placed
  • 4 Stars – The military gets involved
  • 5 Stars and more – The pursuit gets tougher and tougher as both the police and military begin to throw everything they’ve got at you. Watch out for those tanks!

The Need for Speed

In Smashy Road: Wanted, speed is the key to success. When you’re moving too slow, the police and military will have an easy time catching up to you and surrounding your vehicle. You want to keep plenty of distance between you and the pursuit, and that comes with maintaining lots of speed.

Get Off the Road to Lose the Cops

Although you’ll move fastest on the roads, you should also leave the road from time to time to shake off your pursuit and gain some extra points demolishing trees and other “soft” obstacles. When you pass a desert or open field, take things off-road for a smashing good time!

Smashy Road - Off Road Trapped

Talk about your tight spots!



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