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brugte gamer computere In the Sims Social, your Sim owns a house, maintains relationships, have social gatherings, earns money (simoleans), eats and performs many more things. You can pick personality types for your Sim and try new dresses. Moreover, one of the things that I enjoy most in Sims Social is refurnishing or customizing my house! Its an amazing feeling when you redecorate the virtual house of your Sim and feel experiment with your interior designing skills!

Why Should You Customize Your House in the Sims Social?

merck manual pdf Why do you customize your house in real world? Obviously, to feel more comfortable in your house! In my opinion, customizing your living place, transforms a house into a home! So, your aim in Sims Social is to make your Sim feel comfortable and giving your Sim a nice home would be the best thing in Sims Social’s virtual life. It would help maintaining the inspiration level of your Sim and would earn you points and experience in the game.

How to Go About All This Customization

miss spring sieraden You can read the basic Sims Social Guide by the game developers, as it explains every single detail of the game. You would learn exactly the right method to play Sims Social. However, there are several things that I am going to share with you in this article about customizing or building your house.

How to Increase Your Home Value

helle fagralid bornedal go The overall value of any home in Sims Social tells you the full worth of that home. You can increase the value of your house by simple expanding your house. How would you expand the house? Its simple, you would have to purchase more space and the home-size would increase automatically. Once, the size of house increases, its value also rises. You can now get hold of the best designer pad available!

Sims Social - Buying Furniture

gulvvarme i eksisterende betongulv visit You can buy lots of different furniture for your house in the game.

How to Build Rooms store silikone bryster Go to the shop mode in the game and tap on the build tab, then, pick the room-type you desire to add to your Sim’s house. You can, then, place that room on some free land (that you own). If you decide to cancel the purchase, you can check the bottom of that section and choose the ‘cancel-purchase’ option. You may seek assistance from your friends in building the room. Always be careful to construct the doorway! Sometimes, you may think that you have lost your purchased room, but check the storage section before you start panicking. verkaufszonen im lebensmitteleinzelhandel You can easily rotate and move objects to have a better view of them and adjust them more appropriately in your virtual home. You should also tend your garden area and free your lawn from weeds by clicking on them. From the shop in Sims Social, you can purchase especial items to decorate your virtual-house. Moreover, you may sometimes want to store an item and use it after sometime; so what are you waiting for? At Sims Social, you can do everything thing that sounds real and feels real! kort roskilde centrum


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