Sims Social – New Player and Starting Quests Guide

honey badger français 0 direkte radio nrk The Sims Social is the most user-friendly and easy to play game in the entire Sims series, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some new gameplay features and aspects of the game that new players often have trouble with. The shift from traditional gaming platforms to the social media landscape of Facebook has changed the dynamics of how a game of the Sims is played. Let’s take a look at some of the most important things for new players to know about Sims Social and then complete some of the first quests that you receive in the game.

Energy achsenneigung der erde One of the biggest differences between Sims Social and the rest of the series is the use of Energy. Your character needs Energy to perform any sort of task that allows them to advance a skill or gain experience, and it can only be replenished by waiting or consuming special Energy restoring items (which can be attained in-game, crafted, or bought with Simcash).

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Sims Social - Energy

product key auslesen heise go Any actions highlighted in yellow required Energy to perform.

SimCash lehrerin helene walter Nearly all Facebook games have the option of using real money to make purchases in-game to give your character an edge, and Sims Social is no different. Paid currency comes in the form of SimCash, which is used to buy premium items (the most useful being Energy consumables) and can also be exchanged for the regular currency of Simoleons.


financial energy circle check If you plan on playing for extended periods, you may need SimCash to give your character Energy.

Leveling Up and Traits erlbacher brauhaus markneukirchen As you gain more experience by using skills, interacting with other Sims, and completing quests, you’ll always be getting closer to leveling up. This may give you some money, an item, or unlock some items in the store. Leveling up your character opens up tons of new opportunities for them and makes it easier to expand and furnish your house with cooler stuff.

Sims Social - Level Up

lévis usine center You can maximize the rewards of Leveling by sharing them with a group of friends and vice-versa.

brugtvare terminalen aarhus In addition to Experience Points, you will also gain Lifetime Points. These can be used to purchase Traits, which can be accessed using the button on top of your Sims portrait. Traits are powerful advantages that your Sim has that can be extremely helpful in certain situations, spend your Lifetime Points wisely and try to strategize to fit your Sims behaviors.

Sims Social - Traits

nordligste tange på mors see Pick traits that will be especially useful for your type of Sim.

The First Quests: Getting Started black friday ganni mckinney The very first thing you’ll need to do after creating your character is to unload the boxes in your home. This is simple, just click on them and select the unpack option and your Sim will soon have some basic necessities for their home (a guitar, a computer, and a microwave).

Sims Social - Unpack

mail semaest hoss emmanuelle Clicking any interactable object in the game will give you a series of actions to choose from. top nits in india 2018 As you unpack, your Sim will become urgently hungry as represented by the red blinking icon on the screen. You learn that keeping your Sim happy by maintaining all of the factors represented by these green icons (yellow/red when declined) gives you the priceless bonus of becoming ‘inspired’. If you click on the icons as they turn yellow and red, your Sim will automatically perform whatever action is needed to get them back up to green (in some cases they will simply tell you what you need to do).

Sims Social - Inspired

herre skole caroline An inspired Sim earns more Simoleons while working and/or training skills.

mindfulness for børn musik see Now it’s time for your first encounter with Skills. One of your boxes contains a guitar, and you will be instructed to compose with it. This queues a task the same way pressing a button highlighted in yellow would- Energy will be spent and you will gain proficiency in that Skill as well as Simoleons and Experience Points.

Sims Social - Skills

maya en de fles This is how training all of your skills will work, everything from writing to cooking.

sollten ausländer wählen dürfen After playing a quick tune, you will be invited to go and visit Bella. Click on her icon to teleport to her house instantly (you can do this whenever you want, head over if your Sim urgently needs to socialize). Click on her and use the Greet action and you will become Acquaintances with Bella. If you talk to her enough, you’ll become Friends (you can even try flirting with her later). After your interactions with Bella, you’ll be rewarded with your first Social Points which can be used in the Shop. Talking and being sociable with other Sims earns you more Social Points.

Sims Social - Visit Bella

nicht zu sehr ärgern go When you add Neighbors later on, you can click their portraits just like this to visit them.

Quest: Finish Unpacking

cabanes dans les arbres puy de dôme Once you get back home you’ll receive a quest that you can accept by clicking on the head on the left side of the screen. This is how you will be getting quests from now on, so keep an eye out. Completing quests can earn you some great rewards and it progresses the story in-game. This particular quests requires that you simply unpack the remaining boxes.

Sims Social - Finish Unpacking shaft journal repair Quests will always give you a checklist that outlines exactly what you have to do.

Quest: Start Earning Simoleons

grant left order here It’s time to start using your Skills to earn you money and experience, this next quest requires that you compose a song with your guitar (this completes one Skill Tier, keep completing Tiers to get more rewards). Click your guitar and hit the Compose option and you will be taken to the Music Skill screen. Hit the Compose button until the bar is filled up- notice that the Compose action is being queued up on the upper left. You can click actions that are queued up at any time to cancel them.

Sims Social - Music

the wrinkle in time movie go Completing tiers and leveling your skills earns you great rewards and helps you Level Up faster.

Quest: Buy a New Outfit

testeur de produits alimentaires Your friend wants you to buy a piece of clothing from the shop for this quest. Click the Shop icon on the bottom right side of the screen and buy any clothing item for your character and the quest will be complete. Take note that this is the screen you can use to change your clothes, hairstyle, facial features, and even your sex.

Sims Social - Buy Outfit

ylva angelina lind Use your Simoleons, Simcash, and Social Points to buy stuff at the store.

What’s next?

überlegene rune der haltbarkeit go Once you’ve completed all of these quests, you should have your general bearings on how to play Sims Social and progress through the game. It’s sometimes easy to get disoriented with the freeform nature of Sims games, but veterans of the series should have no problem with this one’s simplified interface and gameplay. Keep on training you skills and completing quests to advance the story, once you have enough Simoleons you can start expanding your house and improving your yard. It would be wise to learn more about Crafting so you can make your own items.

hans jacob rønold One final tip: you can make this game a lot easier and more bountiful by playing it with a group of friends. If you all share rewards with each other (which doesn’t take anything from you), everyone will be receiving bonus items and money all the time. You can use everything you can get, you tend to burn through Energy quite fast and having a group of friends can make it easier to find ways to replenish it.


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