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kermit the dog visit Listen up Sims Social players- if you don’t master the crafting system, be prepared to waste your time and money.

how to draw father christmas view Being successful in the game and providing your Sim with the means to progress through the levels efficiently requires that you have an understanding of how to craft items and which ones you should be focusing on more than others. If you make the wrong choices with crafting, the result is either more Simcash required to keep playing or more waiting time for your Energy to fill up. Either way, you’ll wish you budgeted your time and resources better.

drone yuneec q500 4k So let’s start with the basics.

Sims Social Crafting Basics

sims 3 queen amidala watch The ‘Craft’ button will take you to the Crafting menu and display the contents of your Backpack.

How the Crafting System Works upside down girls If you’ve played Facebook games or any type of role-playing games before, you’ll be familiar with the fundamentals of how crafting works. It’s simple- you use raw materials to fulfill the needs of a recipe, you then execute that recipe and expend the items needed for it, and the result is an entirely new item that is theoretically the sum of its parts.

transmission entreprise familiale see Essentially: Item A + Item B = Item C.

Sims Social Crafting Screen

skriv hilsen ord som gaver The crafting screen in Sims Social is pretty easy to navigate.

The tricky part is managing which items are most important to craft, because the materials required for producing them often overlap with other craft-able items. Because of this, you need to have a sense of priority and gauge how best to use the items you’ve collected.

The added element of spending your play time gathering these specific items is another layer of depth to consider- often the items you craft are essential to continuing your current play session so it’s urgent that you are efficient with how you spend your Energy and rewards. Keep in mind that the items you need drop randomly as you perform the actions they require, so a bad streak of luck can deplete your Energy while yielding little to no rewards.

It all comes together once you get a good rhythm in place- a cycle of gaining certain rewards, spending/converting them, and then using this progress to help you gain more rewards, rinse and repeat.

Priority Items

You need to be able to discern which items you should be crafting at any given time- wasting your resources on frivolous items will dwarf your play time and efficiency if your Sim has more pressing needs.

Here are a few of the most important items you should keep in mind while collecting crafting resources. Remember that there is often overlap in the recipes requirements so you will often have to choose between one crafted item and another.

Sims Social - +5 Energy

+5 Energy

One of the main goals of crafting is to provide another source of energy for your Sim to keep performing actions, and this is one of the items to do just that. The resource requirement seems a bit steep, but this won’t be your only source of Energy- just keep these resources in mind and try to save them as much as possible.

Goodwills are pretty easy to get, just do nice things for your neighbors and perform friendly social interactions with them. This should come naturally as you progress through the game. Loves are a result of romantic social interactions, so form a relationship with another Sim and keep using ‘flirty’ actions. Buzzes are acquired through fun social interactions, things like dancing with other Sims and watching TV with them can get you these. All in all, these +5 Energy coffee cups are mainly a product of social interactions, so try to perform each of these actions in a single social session to be more efficient.

Sims Social - Cleaning Collection

Cleaning collection

If your Sim doesn’t have the ‘Sloppy’ trait, you will have to do some cleaning around the house to keep everything functional and your Sim happy. Cleaning will inevitably drop the items needed to complete this collection in the Crafting menu, why not cash in on it and get some Energy in the process? If you can scrounge up 4 Cloths, Rubber Gloves, and Dusters, you’ll be rewarded with 150 Simoleons and +3 Energy. The Repair Collection is also a good choice if you don’t have any other pressing needs for the Wrenches.

Items to Avoid

There are plenty of craft-able items available that are simply a waste of your time and resources, and it’s best to avoid them in most cases. Always read what the reward is for using this item and compare the requirements to other items- would these resources be best spent elsewhere? Are the rewards for this item attainable in more efficient ways?

Sims Social - Inspired Potion

Inspired Potion

The requirements for this item are way too steep compared to the reward. Muses are needed throughout the game for quests and advancing your skills, so using them on this potion would be a waste. Loves and Goodwills are required for +5 Energy items, which are far more useful than instant inspiration. Remember, you can become inspired for next to nothing simply by fulfilling your Sims needs- the only one of which requires Energy expenditure is Social, but wouldn’t you rather reap the rewards of social interaction than spend those rewards on the same outcome?

Sims Social - Fun Potion


Avoid the types of items that boost your Sim in areas that you can maintain for free. For example, why spend the resources on this Fun Potion when you can simply have your Sim watch some TV instead and get the same result? Here are the other items in the category that it would be best to stay away from:

  • Magic Soap
  • Good Night’s Sleep
  • Insta-Snack
  • The Bad Mood Potion is iffy, it may be good to have one around in case a situation arises where you need to have a bad mood for a quest or to perform a certain action- but this won’t be a common scenario so having just one on hand should be sufficient.

    Keep an eye out for changes

    Because Sims Social is an online game with constant support and updates, new items and features are always being added. Keep an eye out for new items available for crafting- there may be new permanent additions or some time-sensitive promotional items. These usually have some good qualities and are worth crafting, so check in often to see what the Sims Social team has added.


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