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Sims Social is one of the most popular games on Facebook these days! Its popularity is primarily because of the real world feel that the players get while being in this game. In Sims Social you can pick several traits and skills for your Sim, or character in the game. These traits allow you to define your character and earn simoleons (the primary currency in the game).

Traits in Sims Social

As a general rule, you can choose almost six traits for your Sim. However, if you want to buy a trait, you need to spend lifetime points (that you can earn by mastering several skills). There are several traits in Sims Social that you may choose for your Sim; one of those traits is ‘slob’. This trait type remains generally unconcerned about the hygiene and can survive in filth and mess. However, other Sims may not admire a ‘slob’ trait. There are four levels for almost every Sim. Getting to the highest level, obviously, earns you more experience in the game and more points.

There are around nine traits, which your Sim can master in this game. Apart from the slob-trait, you can pick ‘steel bladder’ (enables your Sim to use the toilet less), ‘neat’ (Sims that posses this trait, stay neat and tidy at all times), ‘super mechanic’ (through this trait, your Sim may repair things speedily), ‘insane’ (Sims with this trait have less need to socialize), ‘Ogre’ (Sims with this trait type make more enemies, however, they do not require energy to clean things), ‘ninja’ (Sims with this trait walks briskly, as compared to others. They can also teleport or run!), ‘great kisser’ (Sims with this trait have the tendency to improve their love relationships) and ‘night owl’ (Sims with this trait require less sleep time). One thing is worth mentioning here; you must master all the traits, if you desire to extract maximum benefit out of them!

Sims Social - Traits

Skills in Sims Social

Just like the variety in traits, there are several skills in Sims Social that your Sim ought to perform in order to earn you points in the game. Skills function as a profession for your Sim. You may choose to be a musician, a chef, an artist or a writer. Once you decide the skill type for your Sim, you must also get hold of the required item for that skill. Remember, without having the associated item, your Sim will not be able to raise the skill points.

For the writing skill, you need to have a computer for your Sim while for the painting skill, you Sim require an easel. If you want to see your Sim as a chef, you should get hold of a microwave and if you want your Sim to be a musician, you must have a guitar. All you need to do is to click the associated item and then pick the task required. Choosing the relevant task would lead to an increase in your skill points. You can view the progress of your skills through ‘skill window’. As you level up in skills, new skills open up and you can keep enjoying the virtual life of Sims Social.

Now that you have the basic information about skills and traits in Sims Social, you are well equipped to handle your virtual life!


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