Royal Buildings in CastleVille

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Maiden's Tower in CastleVille fatiha dua by dawateislami The Maiden's Tower in CastleVille under construction.

There are many different kinds of structures that you can build in CastleVille. One of the most important types are créer kit déco Royal Buildings. These are structures that provide Castle Points, which ultimately determine your ranking and the size of your kingdom. Each time you want to expand your kingdom, you’ll need to have amassed a certain level of Castle Points, all of which come from Royal Buildings and related structures. mandatene ved stortingsvalget 2017 One of the first Royal Buildings that you’ll construct is the dampf station test Maiden’s Tower, which is the objective of one of the early quests in the game. It requires 1,500 coins to build, and provides 80 Castle Points. You’ll also be able to collect 550 coins in tax payout from the building. Once you assemble the Maiden’s Tower, you’ll need to recruit three of your friends to staff it before it becomes operational.

lang nghe con tim watch As you advance in levels in CastleVille, there are many more Royal Buildings that you can construct. Here is a brief overview of some of the buildings you’ll be able to add to your kingdom as you progress through the game.

Building Name Level Required Castle Points Payout
Barracks 6 110 750
Vault 9 150 1050
Throne Room 12 190 1650
Library 15 220 1800
Castle Dungeon 18 260 2250
Wizard’s Keep 21 300 3000
Opera House 24 340 3150
Cathedral 27 390 3250
Observatory 30450 3550

spinnvill tekst admiral p There are also some decorations that you can use in your kingdom to grow your Castle Points. Although they don’t provide as many as the Royal Buildings, they can be useful for growing your total Castle Points and they serve to make your kingdom look nice at the same time.

Decoration Level Required Cost Castle Points
Armored Practice Dummy 0 15 crowns 3
Small Banner 0 200 coins 1
Weapon Rack 5 1 crown 2
Archery Target 8 4 crowns 2
Royal Throne 10 6 crowns 2
Practice Dummy 11 7 crowns 3
Armor Rack 14 10 crowns 3
Cannon 16 1 crown 4
Trellis 17 13 crowns 3
Sharp Guillotine 24 20 crowns 3
Catapult 25 1 crown 5

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