Rival Kingdoms

http://matterflower.com/2018/08 danske cykel handlere Rival Kingdoms is a fantasy battle game from Space Ape. It boasts impressive realistic graphics, strategic gameplay and lots of fantasy, heroes and magic. It is similar in many respects to Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age with a little bit of a Game of Thrones flavor. It is currently only available on iOS devices and requires iOS 8 or later.

taxi antwerpen tarieven watch In Rival Kingdoms, war is coming to the world of Estara. You are the most recent recruit to the elite army of Guardians, and your mission is to defend the entire planet of Estara against the deadly forces of the Ruin. Keep reading for all of the Rival Kingdoms cheats, tips, strategies and secrets.

What is the Story of Rival Kingdoms?

General Alandra Aurelius

http://extremelysudden.com nicht als transfusionsrefraktaer bezeichnet General Alandra Aurelius guides you through the early stages of the game.

skoleringen 7 mogreina War is coming. The future of creation hangs in the balance. As the newest recruit to the elite Guardian army, you are charged with defending the planet Estara against the forces of the Ruin.

rappeler après un entretien view How did it come to this? Explore the history of the Darkening and you’ll discover that this is a war whose origin lies before the very start of time itself.

http://beforeroom.site vrienden gods werk As a New Darkening looms, the realm of Estara has been plunged into war. As you explore this ancient land, you can join the battle in individual and multiplayer warfare.

What Does Rival Kingdoms Look Like?

valby bibliotek print here Rival Kingdoms features extremely realistic graphics in a fantasy medieval setting. Take a look at the official game trailer to get a sense of just how amazing this game looks.

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What Do the Ancients Do in Rival Kingdoms?

bombe silicone tech 7 visit Ancients are powerful beings that you can summon to your aid during battle in the game. These mighty beings channel their power directly through the Primus — the essence of creation. They are feared and deadly warriors, masters of magic, beneficent spirits and malevolent demons. They will help you, but only if they deem you worthy of their aid.

http://officestation.site/2018 elgiganten tilbud glostrup You’ll begin the game with Sulric, an Ancient of Fire. As the game progresses, you’ll be able to tap into the aid of several Ancients, who help you in battle, both in your attacks and defense. Each Ancient possesses several spells and powers that you can utilize in battle. For example, Sulric has the Rain of Fire, Blackened Armor, Greater Fire Elemental, and Flame Bolt spells. Individual Ancients increase in level and power the more you use them in battle.

Fire Ancients

  • Sulric (Common)
  • Emberclaw (Rare)
  • Nakhti (Rare)
  • Jal (Epic)
  • Karis Sunstaff (Epic)

Lightning Ancients

  • Lyris (Common)
  • Essence Master (Rare)
  • Aegis (Rare)
  • Adhira (Epic)
  • Talasin (Epic)

Ice Ancients

  • Foreveil (Common)
  • Hegar (Rare)
  • Admiral Lee (Rare)
  • Birna (Epic)
  • Siku (Epic)

Nature Ancients

  • Kestra (Common)
  • Erasmus (Rare)
  • Amani (Epic)
  • Viscaria (Epic)

Death Ancients

  • Nyrax (Common)
  • Yalenati (Epic)
  • Tokemi (Epic)
  • Moloch (Epic)

What is Kingdom Mode?

http://getforce.xyz/2018/08 kort hår 2016 Kingdom mode is the multiplayer mode for Rival Kingdoms. In Kingdom Mode, you team up with other players in the game to form your own kingdom and prepare for war with other players. A very nice twist on typical “multiplayer” groups for games in the genre is that in Rival Kingdoms, individual players can be allocated specific roles, such as Sentinels, Champions or Lords, each with their own rewards and responsibilities.

http://lotwhat.xyz/2018 tong picasso oorsprong You can join or create a Kingdom to work together to build projects, earn exclusive rewards and perks, and battle against rival Kingdoms to prove your might. You can tap on the crown icon in the bottom-left of the screen to join or create a kingdom. Joining a kingdom requires making an invite request and waiting for the kingdom to accept you. Creating your own kingdom comes at a cost of 15,000 gold.

What Can I Find in Estara?

http://fitpaint.site/2018 twilight alle teile kostenlos anschauen The world of Rival Kingdoms is vast and filled with many lands, from the cold and foreboding mountains of Harken and Norus, through the gentle fields and woods of Moracia, and down to the dry arid desert of Salarath and the dark forest of Arbos. The world map is beautiful in its detail and as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock single-player campaigns in each area.

Rival Kingdoms - Map of Estara

http://breakhere.site/2018/08 jason pll season 7 Click to reveal the full world map of Estara.

What is Required to play Rival Kingdoms?

altes capella notensatzprogramm Rival Kingdoms is only available on iOS 8 or later. It also requires that you connect via your Gamecenter account. The game is best played on a tablet, which allows you to take in the beautiful artwork and scenery in the game.

What Units Can I Attack With?

truck express hamburg There are several different units in the game, known as “squads.” Each unit has its own specialty and all good attack strategies involve combining different kinds of troops together for maximum effect. The first two units, the Soldier and Warden, are available to you at the beginning of the game. Other troops unlock as you upgrade your Barracks. Here is a look at the troops available to you in the game.


http://toepoint.com/2018 passer aux lentilles The Soldiers are the backbone of your army. As loyal and pungent as a hunting dog. And about half as smart. Soldiers take less damage from physical attacks thanks to their superior armor…and their thick skulls.

Range: Melee
Troop Size: 1
Speed: Fast
Favorite Target: No preference
Weak Against: Magic Damage

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Hailing from the woodlands of Arboros, these units are masterful hunters and never happier than when they’re shooting at something. The ranged attack of these units can even breach walls. So what they lack in hand-to-hand combat, they make up for in sneakiness.

Range: 5.25
Troop Size: 1
Speed: Medium
Favorite Target: No Preference
Weak Against: Splash Damage

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Mana Hunter

These little winged creatures are drawn to mana like moths to a flame. Once they get the scent of it they’re not easily stopped. These speedy flying units tap into the resonate Primus within structures they attack, causing them to grant more mana on destruction.

Range: 2.50
Troop Size: 1
Speed: Very Fast
Favorite Target: No Preference
Weak Against: Skywatcher Defenses

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The Maulers battle strategy is simply find what hurts and bash it until it stops. To this end, they seek out defenses first and their attacks deal bonus damage when hammering through walls. (Wall Damage Bonus 300%)

Range: Melee
Troop Size: 2
Speed: Slow
Favorite Target: Defenses
Weak Against: Crowd Control

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Nearby allies gain passive health regeneration. This can stack up to five times from different Paladins.

Range: Melee
Troop Size: 2
Speed: Medium
Favorite Target: No Preference
Weak Against: Spell Tower: Cursed Touch

[table id=6 /]


Raiders will prioritize gold production buildings such as Gold Smelters and Gold Storage. If a Raider destroys a building it will damage nearby structures, and, if the building was a gold production building, summons an additional Raider.

Range: Melee
Troop Size: 1
Speed: Very Fast
Favorite Target: Stronghold
Weak Against: Crowd Control

Primus Mage

Primus Mages curse buildings they attack causing them to take increased damage and immediately die if they fall below a health threshold.

Range: Melee
Troop Size: 1
Speed: Fast
Favorite Target: No Preference
Weak Against: Splash Damage

How Does Attacking Work?

The gameplay of Rival Kingdoms is heavily dependent on attacking other players to obtain the gold necessary to upgrade your own kingdom and advance through the game. In order to attack, you need to have Battle Stones, and each attack uses up a single Battle Stone. The Battle Stones replenish at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes. You can spend Diamonds, the in-game currency, to replenish your Battle Stone supply.

To attack, click on the Map icon and then click on the green Battle button. This pits you against a randomly selected opponent who is close to your level of expertise. The battle will commence, and if you when you’ll receive rewards. The rewards get better the more battles you win in a row (your win streak). After each battle, you can watch a video review to see what went right (or wrong) with your attack. Be sure to check the Rival Kingdoms Cheats for Attacks page for tips, tricks and attack strategies.

What Are the Best Rival Kingdoms Cheats to Start With?

When you begin the game, you’ll start with two units: the Soldier and the Warden. The Soldier is a tough melee unit with lots of armor (and he can take some decent damage). The Warden is a ranged crossbow-wielding unit that causes heavy damage but is weak on defense.

In the beginning of the game, you’ll be doing most of your multiplayer attacks with three groups of units. The best combination to use for most attacks is one group of Soldiers and two groups of Wardens.

The Soldiers act as the “tanking” unit, and are sent in first to attract fire from enemy defenses. The Wardens are sent in immediately following the Soldiers. When choosing a spot for your attack, try to target open enemy defensive buildings first. Open buildings are ones that are not surrounded by enemy walls. Remember that Soldiers are weak against magic attacks (Spell Towers) so try to target an open Watch Tower first.

In general, it’s best to put your Soliders and one group of Wardens on the first defense and then to target a second open defense (preferably a Spell Tower) with the other group of Wardens.

One thing to keep in mind for the Wardens: keep them as far away from Catapults as possible, since Wardens are highly susceptible to splash damage.

What are the Promotional Codes?

Rival Kingdoms has several promotional codes that you can type in to get special rewards and items. The promotional codes are often shared on the Rival Kingdoms Facebook page or via their Twitter account.

What Are Win Streaks and What Do They Give?

In Rival Kingdoms, when you attack other players and win, you start the process of a win streak. These are important because the more battles you win in succession, the greater the rewards. For example, if you win two battles in a row, you’ll earn a treasure chest. When you win four in a row, you get to open a Relic chest, which has even more impressive rewards. Of course, the level of the players you fight during your streak goes up as you tack on more wins, making it very difficult to maintain a lengthy win streak.

Here are the various rewards you can win as you build your streak of victories.

  • 2 wins: treasure chest
  • 4 wins: relic chest
  • 6 wins: treasure chest
  • 8 wins: relic chest
  • 10 wins: relic chest

Is There a Single Player Campaign Mode?

Yes, there is a detailed single-player campaign mode in the game, where you help General Alandra Aurelius attempt to defeat the Ruin. The campaign begins in the area of Harken, located in the Northern reaches of Estara. The first chapter of the campaign is called Tracking Foreveil, and it includes the following battles and difficulty levels (according to the game developer).

  1. Snow Hawk’s Reach (Hard)
    Begin your journey into the frozen North. Find Foreveil, the Ice Dragon Ancient, before the Ruin do.
  2. Chillspine Peak (Hard)
    The Ruin have converted another Stronghold to their side. Destroy it!
  3. Winterheart (Hard)
    No time to rest, Commander. Another base has fallen to the Ruin. Eradicate them all!
  4. The Frozen Barricade (Hard)
    With Birna’s help we can breach the walls of this Stronghold.
  5. Endless White Glade (Impossible)
    This place was probably very beautiful before the Ruin invaded.
  6. Snow Leopard Outpost (Impossible)
    This will be tough to conquer. Upgrade your Troop Portals to stand a chance.
  7. Ice Bear Lodge (Impossible)
    One last Ruin Stronghold to destroy before we reach Foreveil.
  8. Foreveil’s Roost (Impossible)
    Free Foreveil from the grip of the Ruin.

The second single-player campaign is called Trickster’s Wake and it takes place in the Arid Desert in the land of Salarath. It includes the following battles and difficulty levels:

  1. Firebeer Gulch (Easy)
    Fight your way through this Stronghold and avoid the local brew.
  2. Suntrap Valley (Easy)
    Another Stronghold bewitched by Erasmus. If you don’t strike first, then they will.
  3. Parched Peak (Normal)
    Jai will help you fight back against Erasmus’ powers of confusion and illusion.
  4. The Red Barrens (Hard)
    Erasmus’ magic is strong here. You will face much resistance.
  5. Flame’s Rest (Hard)
    We’re gradually catching up to Erasmus. Soon we will have to face his trickery head-on.
  6. Erasmus’ Stronghold (Impossible)
    You’ve finally reached Erasmus. But can you stand against the deviousness of the Trickster Ancient?

A third campaign, called Wrack and Ruin I, will be coming soon to Rival Kingdoms. This single-player campaign will take place in the Dragon Spine area, which is part of Harken in the North.

How Do Tournaments Work?

In addition to regular multi-player battles, you can participate in regular individual tournaments. In a tournament, you’re paired up against similar-level players in a series of 10 battles. There are 50 different players in each tournament group.

Your goal is to win as many of your 10 contests as possible in order to accumulate rings. When the tournament expires, players in each group are ranked on a leaderboard based on how many rings they won during the course of the tournament. Tournament battles work in much the same way as regular multi-player battles. Each one costs a battle stone and win streaks apply during the tournament.

How Do I Defend My Kingdom?

There are many defensive structures available to defend your kingdom from attack by other players. Each structure provides special capabilities and can be purchased and upgraded with gold. Here are the defensive structures available to you in the game.

  • Wall
    Shields buildings from attack to slow down invading forces.
  • Watch Tower
    Defends your Stronghold with accurate and powerful arrows.
  • Spell Tower
    Uses the power of your favorite Ancient to defend your Stronghold. Change your Ancient to change the power.
  • Catapult
    Deals area damage to invaders.
  • Skywatcher
    Fires numbing poison attacks at airborne units.
  • Primus Conduit
    Increases the firing speed of adjacent defenses when charged.
  • Bunker
    Spawns Soldiers continuously while attackers are near.
  • Arrow Launcher
    Causes rapid multi-point damage to invaders.
  • Flare Tower
    Deals high damage to a single target. It also draws power from enemy Ancient spells, which cause its attacks to ricochet.
  • Primus Conduit
    This building gives a boost to adjacent defensive buildings.

What Are the Other Buildings in Rival Kingdoms?

Rival Kingdoms is pretty simple when it comes to resources. There’s only one: gold. As a result, there are only three other types of buildings you need to worry about for your kingdom. They are:

  • Builder
    Allows you to construct and upgrade more buildings simultaneously.
  • Gold Smelter
    Produces gold for you to harvest.
  • Gold Storage
    Stores your gold. Upgrade and build more for greater capacity.

What is Honor?

Honor is represented by a trophy cup and a number in the upper-left corner of your screen, under your player name. You gain honor by beating other players in battle. You lose honor when you are defeated. The amount of honor you accumulate determines your position in the overall player and kingdom leaderboards.

What are the Troop Portals?

A Troop Portal in Rival Kingdoms

Troop Portals are pretty important in Rival Kingdoms. You can transport one type of troop through each Troop Portal that you own whenever you start a battle. For example, in the beginning of the game, you have three Troop Portals, so you can send three different squads into battle. These can be any mix of the types of troops that you have unlocked in the game.

In addition, Troop Portals can be upgraded to allow more of the squad you’ve selected to join the battle.

What are Rings?

Rings are used to upgrade high-level buildings and Ancients. You can earn them by winning battle streaks and Kingdom Raids. You can also earn rings by competing in tournaments. If you rank well in a tournament, you have the chance to win a large number of rings once the tournament ends.

What are Loyalty Points?

You earn loyalty points by winning Kingdom Raids or by contributing gold to your Kingdom. You can spend your loyalty points on Loyalty Chests, which give you the chance to win special items, including a small chance of earning an Ancient, such as Aegis (Lightning).

What are the Daily Rewards?

Each day you play Rival Kingdoms, you’ll unlock a different reward. The days played do not need to be consecutive, and the rewards tend to get better with each day. Most of the time, the daily rewards are gold or Primus. On the 28th day of play, you’ll unlock the Ancient Totemi (Death) and the Daily Rewards will reset. In the second set of rewards, you’ll unlock a Rare Ancient Chest on the 28th day.

How Can I Upgrade My Troops?

You can upgrade your troops in the Blacksmith, a support building that only unlocks once you’ve upgraded your Stronghold to level 4. Once you build your Blacksmith, tap on it and then tap on Improve Troops. From there, select the Troop you’d like to upgrade. Troop upgrades are powerful but expensive, even in the early levels of the game. For example, upgrading your Soldier unit to level 2 costs an impressive 7,200 gold!

How Do Kingdom Raids Work?

When you join a Kingdom, or group of other players, you’ll have the chance to participate in Kingdom Raids. In these special battles, your Kingdom competes against rival Kingdoms to earn fame and glory. You’ll also be able to earn valuable loyalty points for yourself.

When a Kingdom Raid begins, it last for 24 hours, and each player in the Kingdom can attack the other Kingdom in a series of up to 10 attacks on rivals. The difficulty of the battles depends on the overall strength of the opposing team, but in general they progress from relatively easy to difficult, with the last battle taking place against the “king” of the opposing Kingdom. You must progress through all the battles in order to face the final king in his or her castle.

Kingdom Raid battles are special in that they do not use up battle stones. Instead, you start the raid with 5 “morale points” and each time you are defeated in battle, you lose a morale point. After five defeats, you cannot participate in the Kingdom Raid any longer.

The sole objective in each battle is to destroy the opponent’s Stronghold. You cannot earn gold during Kingdom Raids, and wins do not count towards streaks and nor do they earn special rewards such as Treasure or Relic chests.

At the end of the raid, the kingdom that has scored the most points against its rival is the winner.

What Languages is Rival Kingdoms Available In?

You can play Rival Kingdoms in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish