Rival Kingdoms Updated to 1.0.22

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http://waterexamination.space rock ola 1448 There was a minor update to Rival Kingdoms this week as the app was updated to version 1.0.22 in the Apple App Store. Besides a few minor graphics tweaks, the major changes are two new events and features, both of which won’t unlock until June 29, 2015:

  • Live Event: Winter’s Bane – Compete for exclusive rewards!
  • The Arena: New contest for elite players!

unieke game pc The Winter’s Bane storyline is:

voltage moxon beam view The northern realm gathers on a chilly winter’s day to await the much anticipated union between Foreveil (your dragon Ancient), the eldest son of the Snow Leopard Clan’s leader, and Birna, the legendary warrior from the Ice Bear Clan. Upon marriage, these two powerful clans will unite into one royal family. But just as the ceremonious wedding  commences, Foreveil receives a chilling shock down his spine. Is this a sign?

dance small kids Here are the details on the arena:

http://jobhen.space/2018/08 router combination directional antenna Attention all top warriors, the brand new Arena is coming soon to Estara!

http://certainwhere.life dragon pvp minecraft Battle your way up to 5,000 Honor to join the Arena, where you will fight head-to-head against the best players in Estara. Dominate your enemies and claim all of the pride, glory and exclusive rewards!

It will be great to see how the Arena will be different than standard player vs. player fights in Rival Kingdoms. In the meantime, time to grind up that Honor to 5,000!



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