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vers irrévérencieux définition Tokemi is an Epic-level Ancient in the mobile fantasy strategy game, Rival Kingdoms. Along with Nyrax, Yalenati, and Moloch, she is a Death ancient, specializing in spells that deal with death, decay and time. Tokemi is much-coveted Ancient for players of the game, and for good reason: her spells are very powerful and when used strategically in coordination with the right troops and tactics, she can be a formidable ally in your quest for domination in the game.

How Do I Get Tokemi?

http://coinsupport.site/2018 maitre saint palais Unlike many other Ancients, she cannot be obtained via Relic or Ancient chests. She is only obtained as a reward through the Daily Rewards system. You’ll receive Tokemi automatically on your 28th day of play. Note that doesn’t mean your 28th day anniversary — you need to log in and play on 28 distinct days to add Tokemi to your roster of Ancients.

What Spells Does Tokemi Have?

beste byer i danmark All of Tokemi’s spells relate in some way to time, either because they allow you to manipulate time or because they cause damage over time to your opponents. Here’s a closer look at Tokemi’s attack spells:

  • problemen rabo internetbankieren check Time Flux – Creates a flux in time that slows enemies by 50% and speeds allies by 50% for several seconds.
  • slim gym fitness visit Space Rift – Rewinds time, returning units to the position and health values they had several seconds ago. In addition, units take 50% reduced damage for a few seconds.
  • http://cityword.space/2018 médicament brûlure estomac Decrepify – Affected targets lose 1% health a second and take 35% bonus damage for several seconds.

ssc hall ticket visit Tokemi’s defensive, or Spell Tower spell, is as follows:

  • når kommer gutter i puberteten check Cursed Touch – Deals moderate damage in an area. Affected units take a percentage of increased damage and cannot be healed for several seconds.

magic mike joe marciano Read on below for tactics and strategies for putting Tokemi’s spells to use in battle.


zandra berthelsen tøndersagen there The beautiful — and deadly — Tokemi.

What’s Tokemi’s Story?

http://swimleaf.space/2018 gale century in ipl Tokemi has an interesting backstory in Rival Kingdoms, which explains why so many of her spells have to do with the manipulation of time. Here’s the official story from the game:

blok plastic breukelen link One day she attracted the attention of a travelling occultist, who fell in love with her. But she wasn’t interested in his advances and told her father as much. Initially he was worried that the occultist would take great offense at this. However, he seemed quite calm at being spurned and instead gave Tokemi’s father very specific plans to create a unique clock for him.

collection tamaris printemps 2018 Relieved by this development the clockmaker did so without question, instructing Tokemi to take extra care when painting it.

quand israel sera détruite watch The clock was exquisite and the occultist came to pick it up the day after Tokemi mysteriously disappeared from the family home.

Unknown to her father, the clock was far more than just an attractive timepiece — it was a dimensional trap and much bigger on the inside than the outside.

When Tokemi finished painting the clock she was pulled into it and trapped, so the occultist could always have her with him.

What are the Best Attack Strategies with Tokemi?

A lot of the specifics with Tokemi depend on your overall Stronghold level and the types of Troops you’re attacking with. But essentially, Tokemi works well with large numbers of attacking units (especially Wardens and Soldiers).

The Time Flux spell (the lowest mana cost one she has) is particularly effective because it both speeds up the attack of your units and slows down the attack of any defensive buildings in range.

For that reason, the best strategy with this spell is to position it so that your attacking forces are on one side of the circle and the defensive buildings they’re attacking are on the other. When placed correctly, you’ll get the maximum impact.

Decrepify (the highest mana cost spell) is best used in conjunction with Time Flux. They make a powerful combo.

Decrepify only does 1% damage per second, so by itself it doesn’t do nearly enough damage. But it causes any buildings in its radius to take an additional 35% damage from other attacks.

To execute the combo, you need to have enough mana stored up to cast both spells in quick succession. Wait until your troops advance on a cluster of enemy buildings and then cast Decrepify on them. Immediately cast Time Flux so that it covers both your troops and the first line of buildings.

Then sit back and watch the carnage. You’ll probably earn enough mana to cast a second Time Flux on any remaining buildings still affected by Decrepify to complete the devastation.

Tokemi Spell Combo

Tokemi’s spell combination of Time Flux and Decrepify is extremely powerful when executed correctly.

Should I Use Tokemi on Defense?

Absolutely. Tokemi’s Cursed Touch spell might not seem to be especially powerful at first, given that it doesn’t do much immediate damage. However, the damage debuff and the blocked healing debuff combined are incredibly effective at weakening attacking troops.

Of course, this spell only works well in conjunction with other defenses, so it’s best to place Tokemi in a Spell Tower that is adjacent to several other defensive buildings.

What’s Tokemi’s Magic Tree?

Here are all the spell upgrades that Tokemi will receive as you level her up with Primus:

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Still want more? We liked this YouTube video from Destroyer74 that shows you more tips and tricks for using Tokemi in Rival Kingdoms.


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  1. Tokemi being my signature Ancient, I greatly agree with your strategy. I completed my 500th Tokemi’s win only yesterday. Time Flux itself is a very powerful spell and if used efficiently, can easily 100% SH8 and below Base (with this single spell alone).

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