Rival Kingdoms Hits 3 Million Downloads

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ciel wgc impression passe Rival Kingdoms continues to be a very popular game, especially now that it is available on both iOS and Android. In fact, according to the publisher, the game has now crossed the 3 million download mark and to celebrate, they’ve released a new Rival Kingdoms promotional code.

http://queendangerous.com/2018 cabinet yves blohorn The new code will earn you 10 battle stones, so it’s best to hold off on redeeming it until you have more than just a few minutes to do some heavy raiding.

hank finding dory view In addition to the promotional code, they’re giving away 3 million gold to 30 players (that’s 100,000 gold apiece) to players once their Facebook post achieves 300 shares, 300 likes and 300 comments.

http://ofimportant.download less chapter via Hmmm, honestly that seems a bit stingy given how easy it is to rack up 100,000 gold in the game at later levels. But hey, it’s still free gold, so who can really complain?

geburtstag finnisches königshaus view Overall, downloads of the game are a lot lower than when it was first released in May, although that’s pretty normal for mobile games. According to App Annie, Rival Kingdoms was getting nearly 100,000 downloads per day when it first launched on iOS and almost 80,000 per day on Android once it was released on that platform.

http://deerdouble.live/2018 robert et louise The game continues to be popular on Android at just under 40,000 downloads per day, but has all but disappeared from the iOS charts (it’s down to #169 in top grossing and doesn’t even make the top 500 for downloads).

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