Rival Kingdoms Coming to Android


Rival Kingdoms, which launched earlier this month on iOS, is also coming to Android. It will release around the globe on May 21, 2015. You can pre-register in the Google Play store. The game made a big splash last week when it was launched globally on iOS, earning a featured game of the week slot.

In Rival Kingdoms, from Space Ape Games, you enter a fantasy world brimming with colorful danger and mystical power. In Rival Kingdoms, you’re tasked with creating an impenetrable base and destroying opponents’ villages. As you progress, you’ll enlist the help of powerful “Ancients,” each with uniquely devastating powers. Kingdoms’ battles are always delightfully brisk thanks to a handy fast-forward button and troops who are always at the ready.

You can check out our Rival Kingdoms cheats and tips page for for information on the game.

Rival Kingdoms Unleash Ancient Powers


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