Ravenwood Fair Monsters

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sophie turner weight loss The spooky woods of Ravenwood Fair hide many scary dangers. The most significant are the monsters that live within. Beginning at about level 5, you’ll start to encounter Ravenwood Fair Monsters as you seek to expand your attractions. Each time you chop down a tree, there’s a small chance that an unwelcome visitor will appear. These monsters will cause problems if left unattended. They’ll scare your fair visitors and they also block you from doing anything nearby.

Ravenwood Fair Monsters – A List

The Domovoi

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distanser i nautiske mil click The most common monster in Ravenwood Fair are the Domovoi. These ugly wooden-puppet like creatures are born from the trees and feature wooden bodies and leafy crowns. To get rid of them, you’ll need to wallop them a few times, using up energy. But when they are defeated they’ll yield quite a few treasures for you to pick up.

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The Grimm

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verdenskartet fyll inn watch These monsters appeared during Halloween. They resemble the grim reaper and wear long black robes and carred scythes. Like the Domovoi, they would appear when a tree was chopped down. Although very few details have been published, it seems that the Grimm are slightly tougher than the Domovoi and usually require quite a few more wallops to subdue. It is not known whether the Grimm will return soon or if they only come out around Halloween.

The Bumbles

Bumble in Ravenwood Fair

These large yeti-like snow creatures began appearing in Ravenwood Fair once the snow began falling and covering the ground and trees. Bumbles appear frequently, and despite their fearsome size and looks, they can usually be handled with just a few swift wallops.


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