Ravenwood Fair Coin Cheats and Tips

ravenwood fair cheats

There are lots of cheats and tricks to succeed in Ravenwood Fair.

Ravenwood Fair is a brand-new Facebook game from LOLapps. The gameplay is very similar to FrontierVille, but it takes place in a medieval Renaissance faire setting and involves very cute animals. The overall storyline is that you are creating a fair to entertain citizens of Ravenwood and to help everyone prepare for the wedding of the princess.

Ravenwood Coin Cheats

Games and Attractions

Coins are the main currency in Ravenwood Fair and there are many ways to earn them. The main way you’ll earn coins in the game is by building lots of attractions in your fair. There are many games that you can install in your fair and each of these will earn coins each time one of your fair visitors interacts with them. One of the quickest ways to earn lots of coins is to build lots of games as soon as you can.

Chopping Down Trees

Another way to earn coins relatively quickly is to chop down trees in the forest. Cutting down trees has many benefits. First, each time you chop, you’ll earn wood and coins. Plus, removing the trees makes room for more attractions and it keeps the edges of the dark forest as far away from your fair visitors as possible. Finally, chopping down trees has a chance to reveal monsters such as Domovoi and Grim. When you battle these monsters, you’ll earn a lot of coins and XP. Your only major limitation here is energy, since you will expand one energy each time you chop a tree. But because chopping trees often produces food and food can be used to purchase energy packs, you can keep this going for quite a while.

Completing Quests

There are many simple quests early in the game and these are also fantastic ways to earn coins in the Ravenwood Fair game. Each quest has a different sent of rewards, which usually includes coins and XP and sometimes special items. Try to complete as many quests as you can early in the game to build up your coin supply right away.


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  1. Oh I just worked out this one – HEAPS OF ENERGY AND NOTHING TO DO WITH IT? Pick up protectors and put them back down in the same spot so that they need recharging and you get heaps of special items, xp and coins 🙂

    I end up with heaps of energy once all of my trees are cleared, then I run out of money, then there’s nothing I can do and I have all this energy to use, why not get some special items!

  2. How do you stop the tree”s from growing so fast. i use all my energy to chop down tree”s, i leave come back 2 hrs later and there back.i don”t have energy to do anything else. help

  3. The best way to get money is to leave the game on even when you aren’t playing. It doesn’t regenerate much when you go off the game.

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