PVP All-Star Sampler Event in Dungeon Boss

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indbetaling på aldersopsparing 2018 go Another day, another event for fans of Dungeon Boss. Starting today, the PVP All-Star Sampler Event has arrived and it will last for the next 3 days. The event consists of several event dungeons featuring some of the most popular heroes used in PVP.

http://noticefamous.download/2018 ligner på sebra The featured heroes are: IGOROK, Pontifex Mortis, Black Diamond, Bovus, and Torchy. Personally, I’m curious why Tsume wasn’t included since he appears over half the time in my PVP battles. But who am I to argue?

http://hearrude.download/2018/08 veni domine taizé partition anamnèse In addition to the event dungeons, the summoning portals are featuring these same http://orderpolice.live/2018/08 mist ka hindi meaning PVP all-stars. Bovus and Torchy appear more frequently than normal in the Great Portal, and IGOROK, Pontifex and Black Diamond will appear more frequently in the Heroic Portal. So if you’ve been itching to spend some of those gold or diamonds you’ve earned on your PVP heroes, now is the time.

The Event Dungeons

første arbeidere laestadianske vekkelsen The real action, of course, is in the event dungeons. Here’s how they stack up.

angele steuerberater türkheim Players who have been cursing the difficulty of the Very Hard (VH) dungeons in recent events can breathe a sigh of relief. The event dungeons are extremely easy this time around. Each featured hero has a pair of event dungeons. They include an easy-rated dungeon where one of your hero slots is locked with the featured hero, and then a companion hard-rated dungeon where you are free to use any heroes you like. Each pair of dungeons follows an elemental theme.

Nature Dungeons

  • Diamonds are Forever (E)
  • A Boss’ Best Friend (H)

Ice Dungeons

  • The Iceman Cometh (E)
  • Ice, Ice, Baby (H)

Fire Dungeons

  • Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na (E) – I think I got the number of “Na’s” right.
  • Bat Slam! (H)

Forest Dungeons (feature Water Heroes)

  • Pastures of Plenty (E)
  • Out to Pasture (H)

Crypt Dungeons (feature Light Heroes)

  • Pontifex Vincit Omnia (E)
  • Ad Victoriam (H)

http://kneechoose.xyz silje april koch christensen Each of the Hard versions of the event dungeons will earn you a related PVP all-star hero token each day.

Dungeon Boss - PVP All-Star Forest

http://potatoentrance.space/2018/08 structure aluminium stand Nature battling Water in the PVP All-Star Event.

More Tokens with Quests

tømmerpriser 2017 sb skog link In addition to the event dungeons, there are several related event quests to complete, which will earn you additional PVP all-star hero tokens. Each of these quests can be repeated several times to earn an increasing number of tokens.

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