Plants vs. Zombies ZomBotany Guide

koop onder voorbehoud financiering go 1 industrial revolution factory setup ZomBotany is one of the first mini-games you can play in Plants vs. Zombies. It’s got an interesting twist: the zombies that are attacking you have been turned into zombie-plant hybrids. You’ll face off against both Peashooter Zombies and Wall-nut Zombies who attack you. The mini-game is set in a normal daytime level, but your strategy will need to be a little different because the enemy has a ranged attack.

Plants vs. Zombies ZomBotany public affairs bureau københavn The final wave of ZomBotany in Plants vs. Zombies.

The Strategy euro abgasnorm 6 The basic plan should be to build up a few rows of sunflowers in the back. You’ll definitely want to quickly build a row of Wall-nuts to defend the right side. These can absorb most of the attacks coming from the Zombie Peashooters and will hold off the Wall-nut Zombies too. The key here is to always protect your sunflowers and peashooters so that they don’t get destroyed. When picking your plants, try to include some instant-kill options like the Squash and the Cherry Bomb. If you’re doing this mini-game in the later levels, you’ll probably have a few more plants to choose from, like catapult plants. These will be really helpful once you’ve got your Wall-nut barriers in place. If you’re playing this mini-game in the earlier levels, then using a row of Chompers behind your Wall-nuts can be very effective as well.

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  1. I couldn’t get past the first wave; any offensive plants just got killed while I was harvesting sun. So, instead, I planted all my sunflowers in the top row and put garlic all the way to the right, to divert the zombies into the next row. I planted garlic on the rightmost square of the bottom row, too, so I only had to defend three rows. (Watch your garlic, though; they can get killed even in the first square. When I had time I planted an extra head.) Then I planted potato mines along the house, three deep, using the imitator to get them double fast. As I went I planted spikeweeds on almost every available square; I left one square on each row open for jalapenos if I needed them, but after I built up the spikeweed defenses, I didn’t use the jalapenos all that much. So, I didn’t try to actively shoot the zombies; I channeled them into the inner three rows, keeping my sunflowers safe in the top row, and use potato mines and spikeweeds to do the killing. Worked great.

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