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drap stavanger trebarnsmor siste nytt here Peashooter from Plants vs. Zombies århus kommune borgerservice Ah the lowly but reliable Peashooter in Plants vs. Zombies. This is your basic offensive ranged weapon in the game. It shoots a single pea at a time at the zombies doing normal damage. One key advantage early on is that it only costs 100 sun to plant and it has a fast recharge time. In the first few stages of the game, you’ll be planting a lot of these. However, as the game progresses and you start fighting tougher zombies, you’ll probably leave the Peashooter behind for the more advanced weapons in your seed packet collection.

justin theroux and jennifer aniston Here’s the official background on the Peashooter from the game: jeremy corbyn polls How can a single plant grow and shoot so many peas so quickly? Peashooter says, “Hard work, commitment, and a healthy, well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide make it all possible.”

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