Moshi Monsters Mission # 1 – Getting Lady Goo Goo Moshling


You need to be a member, because membership is a requirement for you to get Lady Goo Goo Moshling.


Step one is to open your map and go to the volcano and enter the head quarters. Click on Super Moshi Elder Furi and start your first Super Moshi Mission. Every player has its own unique code.

When you get inside the volcano, you will have a brief report from Buster Bumblechops that a Moshling egg was lost. It has been stolen from its Incubation station and that is your mission now, to look for clues and find the location of the missing moshling egg.

First you need to find the four clues on the incubation room and give all these things to Buster. Start to hand over the magnifying glass on the drawers on your right, and then follow the rock on the floor and the torn cloth on the window on your left. Get the key that was inserted on the door and use this to unlock the huge green cabinet on your left. Then get the violet cog inside and put it on top of the same cog on the thing where the rope is place to lower the chicken incubator which you need to pull down too. Then you need to turn off the light and get the blue twig place on the right side light bulb.  After you gave them to Buster, a message will be prompted on your screen that “You have found all the clues”, now let us proceed on your next location.

Your next adventure will take place on a jungle called Wobbly woods. You will appear near a pond, there is a tree with yellow berries which you need to take. Next step is to walk forward and pick up the book near the bucket along the way and the blue berries after. And then when you continue to move forward you’ll see an old tree which you can talk with, you need to bring it fresh water. So go back to the bucket and put the book in there to give the owl another book to read. Then put the combinations of berries on the tree stump to feed shrewman hiding on the tree hole, it will pull up the rope for the bucket so that the owl can take the book. After you’ve done that, you can now take the bucket and go back to the pond to get some water, Return to the tree and give the water.  It will thank you afterwards and you’ll be on the next place, a creepy forest.


On the tree house, you need to click on the skull near a door. You need to play a puzzle to have the key. The game is so simple, you just need to slide the bugs and slide the key at the opening but needs to be accomplished before you run out of time,  if not you’ll need to repeat the puzzle. When you are done with the game, you can now use the key to get through the door.

When you get inside, you will notice that the missing egg is inside a cage. You need to make a shrinking potion to get the moshling egg out. You have the recipe book on the book stand for reference but you just need to collect these items and follow these procedures. Click on the kettle to remove it from the stove and replace it with the cauldron. Put the fire wood which is just near the stove and get the candle to start a fire. Now start putting the secret ingredients, the blue berries you picked earlier, ink feather on the book stand and the moldy mushroom near the door. Next click on the bat to have some bat droppings that you need to add on your potion as well and last is the green troll snot. And then you need to fill the empty bottle with the potion and put it on the moshling egg. It will shrink and you are now able to rescue the lost moshling egg.

Go back to Buster and place the moshling egg into the incubator. It will hatch and now you have Lady Goo Goo. Congratulations!!!


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