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Monster Galaxy is a fun and new game to play on Facebook. In this game, your goal is to tame a variety of monsters and teach them to battle as you work your way up to become a master Moga Tamer. Here are some frequently-asked questions about the game and strategy.

What is the best strategy for Monster Galaxy?

Well, for starters, one strategy is not sufficient enough to make you the best in the game. For you to become the moga master, you have to combine many different strategies. That being said, I have compiled below a list of the best tactics in playing Monster Galaxy.

  • Tip 1:
    You can tame more Mogas with the help of your friends. You can call your friends in and ask them for a bonus attack using whistle fruit.
  • Tip 2:
    Click on your moga dex to have different mogas in your team. This means that you can make some of your mogas take a nap at their home while having other batch of mogas ready to fight.
  • Tip 3:
    Visit your friend’s ranches on a regular basis and have their whistles harvested and their trees watered.
  • Tip 4:
    When you capture a new moga, you can post it on your wall at your profile. Once posted, the first five friends that will click the moga button will get a free whistle to call your new moga into battle. Additionally, every time someone clicks your post, you earn free XP and they get bonus attack.

How to easily catch super rare Mogas?

Catching super rare mogas is a pretty laborious task. Finding one is also hard, so if you come by with any of super rare moga, chances are, when you try to catch them they will escape. That is frustrating and unsatisfying to say the least. Good thing there is a working strategy guide to easily catch super rare mogas.

First things first, make sure that you are playing 2X to 3X less mogas against them.
When you attack them, use your bonus mogas until they’re health is at 15-30 of their full health. At below 10, your chances of catching the moga will significantly increase.

If your bonus attacks did not register a critical hit, use your own moga to attack. Get their health at around 5 or even lesser.
Make sure that your moga should at least be 2 levels down or 2 levels up than the moga you’re fighting.
Once your target moga is weakening, use the star seed and you’ll surely be able to nail them.
Add various moga trainers to your arsenal. This will help you get more bonus attacks by increasing your collection.

What are rarities?

In Monster Galaxy, there are 4 rarities. These types of rarities describes how hard is for your to catch the moga.
Here is the list of rarities from the least rare to the rarest:

  • Common
    You’ll run into lots of them when you are traveling
  • Uncommon
    A little less common than common. That’s it.
  • Rare
    Understandably, rare mogas are pretty hard to come by. They are pretty hard to catch too.
  • Super Rare
    Chances are you will never see one again if you ever see one. So, you better catch it!
  • Beyond Epic
    Beyond epic mogas are incredibly hard to find. To even add to that, their capture rate is about 10% — this makes them more rare than super rare. If you try to catch one of these, you better have many star seeds on hand because you do not want them to slip away!

How do I change my Moga Team?

Open the dex button at the top left hand corner of your Monster Galaxy home screen ( it is where your mogas are jumping around). After clicking on the button, you have to drag your selected moga from the list into your team slot place at the bottom of the dex.

How to get Grryph?

Go to the Monster Galaxy Fan page and scroll down the page. There you will see buttons such as share, report this app, contact developer, remove app, block app, etc. Click “Contact Developers”. After that, click “type of issue” and type your message. When finished, click send.


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  1. im not sure where to ask, so i may as well ask here, but how am i meant to train my level 1 gryph? the lowest level opponent i can find is a level 4, and that always knocks it out first hit, so what should i do?

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