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Monster Galaxy is an RPG game developed by the same people who created the popular virtual world, Gaia Online. Itis a typical RPG game with many gameplay elements similar to that of Pokemon but it differs from many games because of its details. If you played Pokemon in the past, you have a good idea of what Monster Galaxy is all about. And if you love playing Pokemon, you definitely are going to love this game!

Moga Collection

Goals in Monster Galaxy

Your goal is to become a master “moga” tamer. You begin the game with a single moga and together, you will start your journey, visiting numerous locations. While exploring the lands of Monster Galaxy, you will also battle using your moga to capture other wild moga. It does not depend whether you lose or win because whatever the outcome, you will build up experience for your moga. You can also have the choice of throwing a “star seed” while at the battle. A star seed is a tool used to catch new mogas.

Once you have explored and built up some experience, you should start collecting mogas. You have to collect hundreds of different mogas and build your own group. It is a long and tough game but there are certain tricks that you can use in order to improve at this game. With these strategies, you progress faster, you level up faster and eventually, you will become the top moga trainer.

Tips & Tricks:

At the start of your journey, it is tempting to catch as many mogas as possible in order to build your team quickly. Although it may seem effective, there are many consequences when using this kind of strategy such as managing difficulty, unbalanced mogas, and many more. In order to be a more efficient player, you need to keep using your main moga up until you get into more difficult levels. You just catch mogas when you are already facing level 3-6 mogas – it is more recommended because they are already of high level.

  1. Catch a high number of moga! Don’t refrain from catching mogas of the same zodiac because it would result in an easier time battling.
  2. Do not spend your star seeds right away. First, you have to weaken your target before throwing your star seed because the weaker they are, the easier it is to capture them.
  3. Catch mogas of various zodiacs. Each zodiac has an affinity to certain zodiac and vise versa. So it is a good idea to have at least 3 types of zodiacs at your disposal.
  4. Always be sure to harvest your whistle tree on time. Failing to do so will result in the withering of your tree.

  5. Fight higher leveled mogas when your zodiac is on “3x Super” effective. What this means is that your zodiac attack will be very powerful against a certain type of moga.

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