Maximizing XP Gain in Farmville by Level

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thema für eine präsentation Most players in Farmville are less concerned with earning coins in the early levels of the game and are really focused on getting the most XP possible. That’s because all the really cool stuff comes later on as you earn higher levels. So if you wan’t to move beyond Strawberries, Eggplants, Wheat and Soybeans as quickly as you can, here are the best crops to plant when aiming for XP. Of course, there are plenty of other quick leveling tips for Farmville, but this simple table shows you what to plant for the most rapid XP advancement at each level.

Best Short Growth Crops (less than one day to harvest)

Your Level Best Crop
1-7 Strawberries
8-16 Raspberries
17-28 Blueberries
29+ Black Berries

Best Long Growth Crops (one day or longer to harvest)

Your Level Best Crop
1-11 Soybeans
12-14 Peppers
14-18 Red Tulips
19-24 Grapes
25-31 Sunflowers
32+ Peas

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  1. Why are tulips better than peppers at level 14-18? They both yield 2XP and they both mature in 1 day. But peppers yield 92 coins profit per crop whereas tulips are only 84.

  2. Wow !!! i m on lvl 38!!! i got mastery in Grapes , peas , rice and soyabean ….

    When i harvest my peas ( after 3 lvls of mastery) i get extra XP … i mean when i harvest my

    575 crops field ( 24 * 24 ) then i get like 200 xp for no reason ….. and that’s the main secrete .

    I get one problem that … I get almost 100000 coins per day but i just think of getting a

    windmill but i m now controlling …. and aftr 8 days i will get 1000000 coins and i will but a

    VILLA ………. I am getting Excited from Today only

  3. @sherrie devries
    If you go to the market and select seeds, there is a thick black line directly under the picture of the crop. Place the cursor there and it will show you how many crops required to reach the next Crop Master level

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