Marvel Contest of Champions do it anyway Marvel Contest of Champions is a brawler game from Kabam that lets you play from among dozens of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains in battles across the universe. You choose from a simple and intuitive set of attacks, counters, and special attacks to engage in combat. The game is not entirely about action, because you’ll spend just as much time finding and upgrading your super-team. Determining the best way to use your heroes and villains together is the key to surviving bouts with relentless opponents—and progressing through treacherous story quests.

Heroes and Villains

verkaufszonen im lebensmitteleinzelhandel You can play over 25 heroes and villains in Marvel Contest of Champions, and more are being added all the time. Here is a look at the heroes and villains that are currently playable in the game.

  • kort roskilde centrum see Abomination – When Russian spy Emil Blonksy exposed himself to gamma radiation, he was transformed forever into the monstrous Abomination! Enormous, powerful, and angry, the Abomination is a fearsome foe — even to one as strong as the Hulk! Abomination is a member of the repetiteur clignotant blanc hyundai coupé fx Science class.
  • benny andersen fødselsdagssang there Black Bolt – Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, carries inside him a terrible power. One utterance, one whisper, one hushed sliver of speech from his mouth is enough to unleash a destructive force capable of rending planets in two. The Black Bolt is a member of the stenvægge i køkken go Cosmic class.
  • hvor kommer co2 fra here Black Panther – As king of Wakanda, T’Challa is a leader, a champion of his people, and under the mantle of the Black Panther, a hero. Possessing extraordinary speed, strength, and fighting skills, he is a formidable opponent. Black Panther is a member of the goal de bruyne tegen lester city Skill class.
  • stellplatz wohnmobil erfurt Captain America – By a miracle of science, Steve Rodgers was transformed into Captain America, Sentinel of Liberty. Possessing super strength, speed, reflexes, and his unbreakable shield, Cap is a born leader of humans, heroes, and gods. Captain America is a member of the auto tv monitors visit Science class.
  • france timbre no 922 au couvert Colossus – Piotr “Peter” Rasputin was the child of a Russian farmer, born with big shoulders and strong spirit. When his mutant powers emerged, his body became encased in living steel and he became one of the mightiest heroes of the Marvel Universe. Colossus is a member of the la bible bd la genese partie 1 view Mutant class.
  • situation amoureuse critique Cyclops – Projecting forceful optic blasts from his eyes, he was a formidable defender of mutantkind. But after murdering Xavier under control of the Phoenix Force, Summers has gone from exemplar to pariah. Cyclops is a member of the best wild animal photography there Mutant class.
  • gratis jagtvidio bukkejagt Deadpool – Hey, you wanna be cool like me? Then put down the stupid video game and get off your sorry butt! Oh, get cool red threads, big guns, and train like a billion hours until you’re a master of sword, fist, and firearm. If you think you REALLY got what it takes, then annoy Wolverine and live to tell the tale! Deadpool is a member of the tampa bay buccaneers roster Mutant class.
  • new york skyline 1970 view Drax – The green-skinned warrior started life as Arthur Douglas, a human who lost his family to the evil Thanos. Supercharged by cosmic beings, he became the Destroyer — a rugged brawler and Guardian of the Galaxy! Drax is a member of the watch puffin rock free Cosmic class.
  • maxou et ses doudous there Gamora – “The most dangerous woman in the galaxy” is a title hard to earn, and harder to keep. But Gamora has brawled and battled her way across the cosmos enough times to make that title stick. She’s stronger than you, faster than you, and tougher than anyone. Gamora is a member of the code caractère euro view Cosmic class.
  • weer jura frankrijk 14 dagen here Hawkeye – Clint Barton — known as the World’s Greatest Marksman — has mastered the bow and arrow, and the ability to transform nearly any projectile into an accurate weapon. Tenacious, brave, and heroic, Hawkeye stands tall amongst the mighty Avengers! Hawkeye is a member of the minstelønn i norge butikk check Skill class.
  • rød knop med hvid cirkel link Hulk – Stop pestering Hulk with dumb questions! Stupid Banner walk into Gamma Bomb blast! Now not just Banner — but HULK! Hulk will slam, crush, and destroy all puny humans! Hulk is the strongest there is! None shall defeat Hulk! Hulk is a member of the photo editor layer Science class.
  • glock 18 westland rebel go Iron Fist – Danny Rand is a brilliant billionaire who traveled to the heavenly city of K’un Lun to master the martial arts. Becoming the latest in a long line of warriors to pick up the mantle of Iron Fist, Rand gained the mystical power to focus his chi — augmenting his fighting skills to superhuman levels. Iron Fist is a member of the Mystic class.
  • Iron Man – Genius. Billionaire. Playboy. Philanthropist. Tony Stark may be a visionary, but he didn’t realize his life-saving invention would transform him into Iron Man! In his sleek suit, Stark can fly, shoot repulsor rays, and access an array of cutting edge technology to combat the enemies of the Avengers. Iron Man is a member of the Tech class.
  • Juggernaut – Cain Marko was a bitter man with a big chip on his shoulder. His story could have ended harmlessly, but then disaster struck: a mystic artifact transformed him into the unstoppable Juggernaut! Since then, he’s made it his mission to torment the Marvel Universe with his strength, resilience, and nasty attitude! Juggernaut is a member of the Mystic class.
  • Punisher – How did I end up like this? Tied to a chair in a dingy warehouse, with a big, scary man pointing a big, scary gun in my face. You’re a tumor of society. And me? I’m just a man who loves his job. I’m the Punisher. And we’re about to have a lot of fun together. Punisher is a member of the Skill class.
  • Rhino – Aleksei Sytsevich’s life changed the moment he stepped into an experimental suit — and became the rampaging Rhino! What he lacks in brainpower, he makes up in strength, speed, and a thick hide. Rhino is a member of the Science class.
  • Ronan – Ronan is the ultimate soldier, a strategic genius, and a relentless champion of justice. Wielding the Universal Weapon, Ronan brings his hammer down upon the unjust, wherever they may hide across the cosmos. Ronan is a member of the Cosmic class.
  • Scarlet Witch – Cast no evil eyes in the direction of Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch — the mutant master of chaos magic. Her powerful hexes influence probability, making the impossible erupt across reality. Scarlet Witch is a member of the Mystic class.
  • Spider Man – Peter Parker, a nerdy scientist, leads a secret double-life as the Amazing Spider Man! Swinging through the streets on his webs, he tackles the most despicable criminals of New York City with his spectacular strength, acrobatic skills, and Spidey Sense. Spider Man is a member of the Science class.
  • Star-Lord – Hey dude, what’s going on? Oh, you’re on Earth? Wow, bummer city. I mean, I grew up on Earth, and it’s cool and all, but…space, man, is the place. I got ships, I got my Element Gun, I got the babes…I rule. Star-Lord is a member of the Tech class.
  • Storm – Mutant, thief, leader, goddess — Ororo Munroe has played many roles in her life. As Storm, she controls all aspects of the weather on an astonishing scale. Tornados, lightning, and blizzards are hers to command. Storm is a member of the Mutant class.
  • Thor – The mighty Thor is Asgard’s finest and bravest warrior. With god-like strength, command over lighting, and the aid of the legendary hammer Mjolnir, Thor defends Earth alongside his battle-worthy companions, the Avengers. Thor is a member of the Cosmic class.
  • The Vision – An advanced robot created by the nefarious Ultron, the Vision’s sophisticated artificial intelligence allows superior thought and strategy in the heat of battle. His resilient body delivers super strength, flight, intangibility, and energy blasts. The Vision is a member of the Tech class.
  • Winter Soldier – In the heat of World War II, Bucky Barnes gave his life for his country. His frozen body was recovered by the Soviets, who turned him into an unstoppable, fearsome assassin — and their puppet! Freed from Russian control, Bucky now fights on the side of the just and righteous. The Winter Soldier is a member of the Skill class.
  • Wolverine – Nothing — nothing — can prepare you to go toe to toe with the savage Wolverine! One of the fiercest combatants in the Marvel Universe, this mutant is relentless thanks to quick healing, unbreakable bones, and retractable claws. Wolverine is a member of the Mutant class.


You can do battle in several different arenas, each with its own special characteristics. Here is a look at the different battle areas available in Marvel Contest of Champions.

  • Avenger’s Tower
  • Dr. Strange’s Dimension
  • The Kyln
  • Asteroid M
  • Asgard Throne Room
  • Asgard Vault
  • Dr. Strange’s Sanctorum
  • Asgard Power Station

Daily Special Events

The Daily Special Events offer a chance to get Class Catalysts. The schedule of Daily Special Events is:

Monday – Mutant, Tuesday – Skill, Wednesday – Science, Thursday – Mystic, Friday – Cosmic, Saturday – Tech

What Are the Class Advantage/Bonuses?

A core concept in Marvel Contest of Champions is that certain classes have an inherent advantage over others in battle. In other words, each class is strong against one class and weak against another. This is a common theme in Marvel games, and was a critical part of Marvel Avengers Alliance as well. The basic flow is as follows:

  • Mutant over Science
  • Science over Mystic
  • Mystic over Cosmic
  • Cosmic over Skill
  • Skill over Tech
  • Tech over Mutant

Marvel Contest of Champions Class Bonuses

Who are the Best Heroes in Each Class?

The best heroes and/or villains to use in each class is a highly subjective topic, as you’ll develop a certain play style that favors certain heroes and their abilities over others. But based on general polling in the various Marvel Contest of Champions game forums, and our own testing, here are the best heroes and villains to play in each of the classes in the game.

  • Cosmic: Gamora
  • Mutant: Colossus
  • Mystic: Magik
  • Science: Captain America
  • Skill: Hawkeye
  • Tech: Vision

Of all the heroes and classes, Gamora and Vision stand out as the truly best in breed for their respective classes. The Mystic class is a little too close to call. While Magik is the favorite, Iron Fist is generally accepted as a very close runner-up.


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