Mall World Beginner’s Guide

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grå strik cardigan lang Another Facebook game developed by 50 Cubes is the Mall, in this game you can be creative as you can be by decorating your shop, offer fashionable items to your customers to earn a profit, play mini games by assisting customers and shop at other malls to show off their taste for fashion. Here is a quick beginner’s guide when starting to play Mall World.

verslag avicenna ibn sina fiskeboller i hvit saus Be Creative and Decorate your Store

opdracht nederlands indie click At the beginning of the game you have initial money to spend in getting necessary stuffs to start your store. Such shelves, racks and display are the ones needed to get to your store first. The other items like registers, rugs, counters and decorative materials can be bought later when you earn enough money. Shelves, like steel bar have limited capacities to display to your store. demokratisering av norge på 1800 tallet forschungszentrum karlsruhe eggenstein Unlock Designer Collections

evan mac gregor Selling items from the catalog is the most easiest and basic way to earn mall dollars. At the first few levels there is only one collection that you can offer in your boutique. You can earn buy getting a profit from the catalog. With this you can invest to unlock more collection that will give you wider range of items to sell in your store and earn more, buy choosing items that you can get more profit. There is another way in unlocking designer collections this is buy spending 200 to 2,000 mall dollars, but it’s a worthwhile though if you want to unlock the collection, because the more expensive items are is the higher the profit margins. high availability azure kamat goa hotel there What to Buy from the Catalog

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There is a regular tab at the left side of the screen which you can see in the image these are inexpensive collections which you can get to start off playing. You may notice that each level will have about 1-2 locked collections. Once unlocked, items are available for you to purchase and sell it your boutique.

TIP: buy shoes and bags since they have higher price and you can get higher profit margin.

Squeaky Clean Bonus

There is an added feature in this game where shoppers tend to drop items and makes their store unprofessional so they will need your help. You will notice a different sign when they need help in squeaky clean. You will be rewarded $20 in helping them. You can also clean your own store. The more neighbors you have, the more chances you have of getting the squeaky clean bonus.


Dressing Room Mini Game

There is also another feature in this game where you will be able to earn money and gain experience points. You can spend few minutes in playing this dressing room mini game while you wait for shoppers to come your boutique. In this game you will need to pick the right combination of the fashion to match the item being shown, mostly these are bags. You only have 30 seconds to pick the item you think is right. There is a limit of 5 customers per day so make sure you get high on the meter every time. Because the higher the meter is at, the more coins and experience points you will get. Send and Ask for

Send and Request Gifts

Just like any other facebook games, sending and requesting gifts are part of the social gaming. Here you can get more items into your inventory buy sending and requesting gifts to your neighbors, which are your facebook friends too. There is one catch though. When you send the gifts or if you receive them from friends, you need to “Return the Favor” before it goes into your inventory. That is why when you send gifts to your friends, they will return you the favor and get gifts.

Dress your Neighbor

This is a fascinating way in developing your fashion skills. There’s a lot of choices of beautiful, gorgeous and wonderful dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, top layers, shoes, boots, swimsuits, intimates, wigs, stockings, bags, accessories and even hair styles, hue, eyes, lips etc. that you can play around. They designs available are great you may want to copy them if you like to make it for yourself in reality. You can also visit them at their store and click on their Look Book. Pick an ensemble and send it out with a personal message. Once it has been sent out, your friend can check out her own Look Book.

You would be curious to find out what your friends suggest for you. Open you own Look book and mouse over the model and you will individual pieces, which you can opt to buy for yourself.

You will surely enjoy playing Mall World.


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