Leveling Quickly in Farmville


Leveling quickly in Farmville is really more of a science than an art. Given a sensible, consistent strategy, you can easily breeze past all your friends on Facebook with these simple Farmville cheats.

Ribbons are a great way to earn both coins and experience points (XP). There are a couple of ribbons that you should earn right away. First, earn the Local Celebrity ribbon by getting 50 friends. This requires no effort whatsoever and yields a quick 180 XP and 18,500 coins.

Next, go to your Farmville news feed section and look at your friends’ posts. Some posts will have the option to adopt a pet. Adopt 2 pets to unlock the Animal Shelter ribbon. Also, be sure to help your fellow farmers whenever you can, and you’ll be granted the Good Samaritan ribbon, worth 425 XP and 18,500 coins.

Most other worthwhile ribbons will be earned automatically as you progress through the game. Ribbons are only a very small part of the equation, however. Farmville is all about crops, so it makes sense that most of your experience will come from them.

Some crops are a complete waste of time and will slow down your leveling drastically. For example, artichokes provide one of the lowest amounts of both XP and coins. While your friends are wasting their time on artichokes, follow this list of “cash crops” from top to bottom for optimum leveling speed:

1. Strawberries – A no brainer; you should keep planting strawberries up to level 15 or so if you’re able to harvest them frequently.

2. Rice/Pumpkins – Choose rice if you have large gaps between your Farmville sessions, as it takes longer to grow. Plant pumpkins at night, wake up, and harvest them in the morning.

note for hardcore players: If you can log on to harvest every couple of hours, raspberries are great for quick XP. Otherwise, avoid raspberries and stick to pumpkins and rice.

3. Blueberries – Get rid of the pumpkins once you get these.

note for not-so-hardcore players: Grapes are really only worthwhile if you’re limited to checking your farm about once a day. If you’re a casual player, they’re worth a shot.

4. Tomatoes – You really can’t go wrong with tomatoes. Start planting them when you hit level 20. They have a midrange growth time and are among the most profitable crops in the game.

Crops will earn you free XP, and are really what the game is all about. If you have coins to spare, however, you can buy XP directly.

What to purchase depends largely on how much XP you have left before you reach the next level. If you are within 100 XP of the next level, purchase hay bales for only 100 coins each. At 5 XP apiece, this is a cheap way to close the gap on the next level. If you have further to go until the next level, buy something larger, like a vehicle or a barrel wagon.

These are all great guidelines to follow, but your personal leveling strategy will evolve through trial and error. Your decisions should vary according to the amount of time you can invest in the game, particularly when it comes to crop choice.


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