8 Killer Tips for Dungeon Boss

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Tip 2 – Complete Your Quests

Finishing up your quests is a very quick way to earn gold and other important items, such as XP potions, hero tokens, and gems. You can keep an eye on your available quests, as well as your current progression for each of them, by clicking on the Quests icon from the home screen.

If one or more of your Quests takes place in a specific area, you can click on the Travel button to get there quickly.

Some Quests are daily, meaning that they can be performed once per day and then repeated. A countdown timer will appear at the bottom of your Quests window, letting you know how much time is left before the reset.

Dungeon Boss Quests Icon

Here is a list of the different daily quests you’ll see in the early levels of the game.

  • A Warrior’s Death – Defeat any 20 Warriors
  • Wanted: Dampfur Tribe – Defeat 15 Dampfur Beasts
  • Day Trading – Spend 20 Gems
  • The Collector – Collect 5 Hero Tokens from Dungeons
  • Upgrade – Upgrade 4 Hero Abilities
  • Secret Hunter – Find 10 Sparkly Objects in Dungeons
  • Power Level – Gain 5 Hero Levels
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