July Balance Changes Coming to Clash Royale


Another month, another set of balance changes are coming to Clash Royale. After last month’s changes, which included…, July’s changes provide relatively minor but important updates to several troops in the game.

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect when the changes roll out on an update this July 4th (Happy Independence Day, America)!

  • Skeleton Army – the number of skeletons in the army increases from 20 to 21. What sounds like a minor 5% improvement is really oh, so much more.
  • Goblin Barrel – the elixir cost drops from 4 to 3, making it far more likely you’ll be seeing a lot more barrels hurtling towards your towers following the update.
  • Giant Skeleton – damage increased by 20% (doesn’t affect explosion damage from the bomb dropped upon his demise). Wow, that’s quite a powerful punch he has. If you can get him all the way to your enemy’s tower, watch out!
  • Dark Prince – damage increased by 8%. His bigger and shinier brother, the Prince, still does more damage, but the Dark Prince steps it up a bit.
  • Bomber – damage increased by 9%. This sneaky little skeleton gets just a little bit more deadly at range.

Those are the highlights of the changes. For the full list, take a peek at the full announcement on the official Clash Royale site.


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