Igorok Event in Dungeon Boss


All this weekend, Igorok has a 10x normal chance to appear in Heroic Summons in Dungeon Boss. Igorok is, hands-down, the best hero in the game, so this weekend marks a great chance to add him to your roster of heroes. Of course, a heroic summons costs 300 gems and for the most part gems are a paid currency, so you might be looking at opening your wallet this weekend to get your chance at Igorok.

You’ll also find that Igorok tokens are dropping in certain dungeons. These tokens drop in addition to the normal tokens for each of those dungeons. They Igorok tokens are typically dropping in the harder 7-stamina dungeons, including:

  • Reflection Halls
  • Hope’s End
  • Lair of the Lich
  • Emperor’s Palace
  • Devourer of Flames

Want to add Igorok to your roster of heroes? You’ll need to spend a lot of time in the Heroic and VIP summons portals. You’ll need a combination of luck and probably money to assemble the gems necessary to unlock him.

Here is a character summary of Igorok on Youtube:



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