Ice and Fire Event in Dungeon Boss


Spring is here — the change of seasons when ice begins to thaw and the sun warms the Earth. What better time to bring back the Ice and Fire event in Dungeon Boss?

This time around, IGOROK is featured alongside Ignus, the much-maligned caster from the past. Ignus has received a lot of important boosts as of late, however, and plenty of Dungeon Boss players are learning that he can be a powerful and versatile hero. If you haven’t already 6-starred him, now’s your chance to earn some Ignus tokens. Of course, if like most, you’re still trying to get IGOROK up to 5- or 6-stars, this is a welcome event.

As a side note, has anyone else noticed that IGOROK seems to be featured very often in events? He was once a very difficult hero to obtain and level up, but now he’s becoming extremely common.

In any case the Ice and Fire event consists of several event dungeons that range from Easy to Very Hard. Here’s a quick peek at what you’ll be facing in this event.

  • Frozen Hearts (E)
  • Frost Bitten (M)
  • Warm Blooded (H)
  • Fire Overwhelming (VH)

In addition to the event dungeons, there are several quests. As usual, some of the quests provide rewards simply for completing the dungeons several times, but there are also some special “hunting” quests for finding and defeating Nitpick and Icepick while you’re trying to complete those dungeons.

Facing Igorok in the Ice and Fire Event


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