How to Play and Survive Dragons of Atlantis?

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background iphone 6 link The Dragons of Atlantis is a fun and exciting new game on Facebook. This game is easy to start playing. First you need to open your account on the facebook and search the Dragons of Atlantis. Where can I search it? You can search it easily just type it, just like when you are looking for a friend in facebook. verbanden oefeningen rekenen

The Start

Madame de Pompadour see Once you see the Dragon, just click the “play now” and there will appear a request permission and allow it to download the game. Once you open the game Cassandra will appear and will tell you about her prophecy just read it and click the “ok” to continue what she is telling about the Dragons of Atlantis. You can now choose your destiny by selecting one of the avatars and create your own name and your own City. Once you start the game Cassandra will guide you, and tell you that you have to build a strong and mighty City to provide sanctuary for your tribe and you must prepare for war. You only have one week of protection from attack so you must move quickly. An arrow will appear pointing your City so you can start the game. You must Build houses, Farms, Factories and raise a strong army for the war, coz other cities are preparing to attack. Every time Cassandra gives you a quest that will increase your power. And when you finish the Quest, you get gold. So when you completed it just click on them to continue. Just follow the arrow Cassandra will guide you, in your City and in the Fields. You must need to build a great city and you need to have places for your citizens. You can find your City on your right screen near to the Map and the Field. egernet fra ice age

Inside the City

poème être jeune see After you check your quest exit to the quest and go back to your City. And build a house on your City, you can choose what kind of buildings or house you will build. When you are going to build something you should always check your stuffs like woods, metals, stones and food so you can build one, coz your people need a house. And remember that upgrading the house means increasing you populations. In your City, you must also build a Rookery, the rookery is a place where the fighting dragons are hatched and nurtured. This place is considered a sacred place by the citizens you must build it inside your City to produce loyal and fearsome dragons. Always check your Fortress, remember that the Fortress is the heart of your City. You can always check your resources’ and goods so you can rule your citizen wisely. You will see here what you have and what you need. You can get the Great dragon, and upgrade the dragon and keep them next to the Fortress. You can select the Great Dragon’s Egg from the rookery; remember that the defense of your City lies with the Great Dragon. Achieving leadership in the City is the first step to higher office, you will not lose this Title, even your Power goes down but you can become a high warden just click the “Become a High Warden” you just need to reach the level that requires being a High Warden. And becoming a Commissioner will give you deep access to the intelligence gathering community of the City, this is a necessity for ultimate power, you must also reach the required level.

On Field benedicte adrian ny kjæreste On Field you must build a lumbermill to provide your city with the wood and timber, it needs for construction and weapons. And for you to stay alive, food is the lifeblood of your City you can build a Farm in the Fields. You must also have a Quarry on Fields, stone are very important for your City, the stones will make your City Strong and will keep your citizens safe. One more thing that you should build is Mine in the field remember, that metals is vital to the development of an advanced and thriving City.

The War

dorp een drenthe view You can have alliance in this game; by joining an alliance will protect your City on the times of War, or you can start your own by create an alliance. meisje je laten missen åpne pdf i paint NOTES:

  • You can use Rubies to buy items in the Shop; by clicking the “Shop” here you can purchase what you need for your City.
  • Founder Chest have different gift inside, this will be helpful to speed up time and increase production rates.
  • You can have reward by taking a test for your fortune, and let the Fates choose your rewards. You can have woods, metals, gold’s and foods.
  • You can check your quest every time you open your account so you do the next level on playing this game.
  • Remember that this game is not like Cityville; you can build one building at a time. And this is definitely perfect for all of ages, there is a city to build, there is a war to prepare and mostly you need to protect your people.

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