How Matchmaking Works in Boom Beach


Take a look at your archipelago map in Boom Beach and you may wonder how the game figures out which opponents you’ll be facing. Here’s the official details straight from the official Supercell forums on how player matchmaking works.

Here’s the key thing to know: Victory Points are the major determining factor, and your HQ level has no bearing on the calculation. Therefore, having a low VP total relative to your HQ level means you’ll get much easier opponents. However, since the daily boat supply rewards are based on your VP count, there’s less of an incentive to keep your VP level intentionally low.

The official explanation:

  1. Matchmaking for player opponents is based on your number of Victory Points. Your opponents are selected from players with a similar Victory Point score. Your Experience level and HQ level have no connection to the matchmaking system. The same is true for Resource Bases.
  2. If you see a someone with a much higher Experience level and/or HQ level than yourself, it is either because they have a low Victory Point score for their level or you have a high Victory Point score for your level.
  3. NPC bases are detached from this system and instead will gradually become harder – but also more rewarding – the more of them you beat.


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