Hollywood City Cheats and Tips for Beginners


In Hollywood City, you’re an aspiring movie mogul trying to build an entertainment empire that would put the other power players to shame. This game is a popular version of a growing city management genre that includes Vegas City and other similar games. Use these Hollywood City cheats and strategies to get a leg up on your friends and advance faster in the game.

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Getting Started

The first decision you need to make in the game is picking your advisor, who can be either Dean Donson or Jillian Jones. Your choice here won’t affect the game outcome much, but you’ll be interacting a lot with this character, as he or she will be giving you all of your missions and quests throughout the game. Once you make your selection, the short tutorial mode for the game will commence and you’ll learn the basics, such as putting down plots of land, building studios, and more.


Constructing studios and facilities is a critical part of the Hollywood City game. Each studio you build produces movies, which are the lifeblood of your business. The more studios you build, the more movies you can have in production. There are quite a few different studios that you can construct, and they include:

  • Documentary
  • Western
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Reality-TV
  • Sport
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Animation
  • Fantasy

The primary differences between the different studios are the amount of experience (XP) you get from building them and the amount of revenue they bring in from each production.

Before you build a studio, you’ll need to clear enough land to place it by constructing plots. And you’ll need to make sure that your studio is connected to your HQ by roads.

Another type of building that you can construct are facilities. These are small buildings, such as an actor’s trailer or a writer’s office. They improve the revenues you earn from your studio by a certain percentage. In order to get the bonus, they need to be built close to your studios.


Studios need to be kept busy, and productions are your key to keeping the money flowing in. Each studio you have can produce one film at a time. Each type of production has a start-up cost that you must pay, and a total income amount that you earn once the production is finished. Each production requires a different amount of time to complete, starting with the simple Documentary (3 minutes) on up to the epic trilogy.

Here is a list of the productions you can undertake at each of your studios. The cost is the same regardless of the type of studio handling the production, but the income will be considerably higher with the larger and more advanced studios.

  • Commercial
  • Short File
  • Music Video
  • TV Pilot
  • B-Movie
  • TV Movie
  • Art House
  • Feature Film
  • Musical
  • TV Season
  • Trilogy


The best way to build up XP and money, especially early in the game, is by completing the various missions. You can get a list of these by clicking on your advisor’s icon in the bottom-middle of your screen. Most of the missions involve completing an objective, such as building a particular number of studios, or producing a lot of films of a certain type.

Don’t forget to return to the menu when you finish the mission to collect your reward!


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