Getting Your Villa in Farmville

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dark souls blind girl The Villa in FarmVille is one of the most sought-after status items in the game. It doesn’t provide any function, but it’s a showpiece that lets everyone know you’ve accomplished a lot in the game. Therefore, a lot of people try to get it as quickly as they can. The Villa has some hefty requirements. First, you must be at least level 34 in the game to get it. Second, it costs a whopping 1 million coins. The good news is that if you follow a good Farmville crop profit guide, you’ll probably have that many coins by the time you reach level 34.

Farmville Villa

top nits in india 2018 here You'll be the envy of all your farmville friends with this villa on your property. data validation in jquery So getting the Villa isn’t really about a specific strategy as much as it is figuring out the best way to level up to 34 and make sure you have 1 million coins saved up once you get there. There’s obviously a lot of different ways to approach this, but the fastest is to focus on growing the most profitable crops by level with some attention paid to maximizing the XP rewards you can get from certain ribbons. It almost goes without saying that any strategy in Farmville benefits from adding as many neighbors as you possibly can. Having more neighbors means you’ll be able to expand your farm faster without having to pay Farm Cash, and it also increases your opportunities for earning coins and XP as you try to progress to level 34. siemens oven hb33gb550 Here’s one basic strategy you can follow to level as quickly as possible in the game. Depending on how much time you’re willing to spend in the game, you can focus on fast growth crops and leveraging the soybean delete glitch, or you can take things a little easier by just planting the most profitable long term crops. Here’s what you should be doing, level by level to get your Villa as quickly as possible. These crops focus on XP over coin profit, but you’ll still have enough coins at the end for the Villa.

Best Short Growth Crops (these take less than one day to harvest)

Your Level Best Crop
1-7 Strawberries
8-16 Raspberries
17-28 Blueberries
29+ Black Berries

Best Long Growth Crops (these take one day or longer to harvest)

Your Level Best Crop
1-11 Soybeans
12-14 Peppers
14-18 Red Tulips
19-24 Grapes
25-31 Sunflowers
32+ Peas

wetter ostern 2018 click One additional trick you can use to improve your leveling rate is to use the Soybean delete trick. After you’ve planted your crops, save one plot and plant soybeans on it. Then use your shovel tool to immediately delete the soybeans you just planted. Then keep repeating the process until you run out of time or patience (it’s a lot of clicking!) It sounds a little crazy, but each time you repeat this cycle, you essentially convert 30 coins into 3 XP. Plowing the plot costs 15 coins and planting soybeans costs another 15 coins. But you get 1 XP for plowing the plot and 2 XP for planting soybeans. Keep doing this and you can quickly convert your excess coins into XP. This is especially useful early in the game when you have a lot of coins leftover after a planting cycle. It’s less efficient later on in the game, unless you really don’t mind all the clicking you’ll have to do. flere fede juicer Using these tips and strategies should help you get to level 34 quickly and have enough coins for your villa. Soon you’ll be sitting inside, sipping some nice tea and reflecting on your farming empire!

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