How to Get a Free Legendary Card in Clash Royale


Have you been waiting patiently to get a Legendary Card in Clash Royale? Do you feel jealous when you battle an opponent who has one?

Fortunately, there’s a secret Clash Royale trick to guarantee that you get a free Legendary Card from one of the regular free chests in the game. Lots of players have known about the trick for a while, but few people have the patience to pull off the trick because it requires several detailed steps and you have to follow them exactly as described.

Eager to try it out? Here are all the steps it takes to get a free Legendary Card. But remember, you have to follow these steps in exact order—no skipping! And since some steps require waiting, you’ll need to exercise a little patience in the process.

You’ll also need to be at the right point in the chest drop cycle. This trick won’t work at certain points in the cycle. Not sure what the chest cycle is or where you are in it? Take a peek at our guide to the Clash Royale chest cycle to find out more.

There are a few important rules to obey about the chests:

  • Do not accelerate opening the chests with Gems. Doing so ruins the outcome. I don’t know why, but it does.
  • All chests must come from the same arena. Although you can continue playing battles until Step 4, you’ll need to pause for a while afterwards so as not to rise or fall into a different arena.

OK, here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Play until you get a Magical Chest as a drop. It helps to know where you are in the chest drop cycle.
  2. Clear all the other existing chests in your collection.
  3. Next, open the Magical Chest.
  4. Collect and open 11 Silver chests. Yes, you read that correctly. You must open 11 Silver chests in a row. Do not open any other chests until you have opened 11 Silver chests. That includes free chests, crown chests, etc.
  5. Open 2 Gold Chests. By now you should already have 2 in your inventory.
  6. Exit the game and wait at least 24 hours. Yes, really. Turn your phone off, go outside, enjoy the sunshine and return in 24 hours.
  7. Open 2 Free Chests. Because you waited 24 hours, you will have these ready and waiting for you.
  8. Open 1 more Silver Chest.
  9. Wait until you get another Free Chest and then open it. This chest will now have a Legendary card waiting for you.

I know, you’re reading this and thinking, “This can’t possibly be true.” But it is, and I’ve verified that it works as long as you follow the above steps exactly as described.


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