Gardens of Time Beginner’s Guide

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helen keller youtube go Gardens of Time is a fun and different game that you can play in Facebook. It is a kind of game that generally involves finding a series of hidden objects that are cleverly hidden inside a lush, colorful scene etc. In this game, you will be playing a role as a time traveler that goes to a time machine and travels to various times in our history and you will find hidden objects.

trein naar londen auto At the beginning of the game, it will instruct you three things. One is to Locate Hidden Objects across Time, which I said earlier. (If you had a chance to play Poptropica Game and play the Time Tangled Island, you can visit the guide at PoptropicaSecrets, it’s more of similar to this game). Second is to Collect Artifact to Display in your Garden, so you can bring items to your own garden or place. And last is to Protect History from Sinister Forces, and here is where the thrill of the game.

groennsjoeen i trysil watch So let’s start the game! A man, named Alistair will tell you that your first mission is to go to the Ancient Egypt as your crash course in time Travel. He will also guide throughout the game while you are just starting.

Gardens of Time fichier script host introuvable This is your time machine - your goal is travel through time and preserves history in your garden. river island handtassen Every time you go into a certain time, you will be spending 10 energy depending on your travel. Example, going to Giza Riverfront the travel energy is 10. You should also have gold for you to unlock a time frame.

generaal de carislaan 13 eindhoven But whenever you find an object, you will earn points and bonuses if you find them all. If you stuck in finding object, you can use the Hint Button on the left corner of your screen. Once you have completed the entire Scene object for that time, you will have to go back to your garden and inspect these artifacts.

etterstad postkontor oslo While you find object, you should avoid clicking multiple times at once.

chairman land rover jaguar there Now that you have some artifacts, you can fill your garden to make your garden look good and the more artifacts you preserve is the greater your Reputation in the Society.

Putting Artifacts in Your Garden code kenteken kwijt By placing an artifact to your garden you will need energy and coins.

freue mich auf watch And every time you increase your reputation by placing artifacts to your garden you get the Time Society bestow you time codes and mission.
You can also get reputation, coins and other bonuses by inviting and challenge your friends in Gardens of Time. There are some scenes that you cannot be complete at once. Such mission like, Earn 2 Stars in Giza Riverfront, it will take more than one trip to earn an extra star. Keep beating the scene to raise your star count. If you are fast enough to get all the artifacts found, you could get 2 star in one trip.

Hourglass Study Room in Gardens of Time

beauty blender matas The Items List Below are the things that you need to find in the Room. The icons on the lower left are tools that can help you to find item faster.

bykort over silkeborg You can also earn coins, xp and energy by visiting your neighbor’s garden. You may also help other time travelers that will ask you to find their lost items while travelling, this will be a 60 seconds search, after each search they will give you bonus coins and XP.

choc crânien symptômes Behind all of this mess in time, there are people who did behind it. And one of your missions on the game too is to reveal who are responsible for the damage of the misplaced artifacts. There are stories that you might enjoy learning while playing the game. You will also notice that there are Chapters in the Gardens of Time.

Current Chapters in Gardens of Time as of the moment:

    • Chapter 1 – Trouble at Time Manor
    • Chapter 2 – Induction, Interrupted
    • Chapter 3 – Big Trouble in Ancient China
    • Chapter 4 – Great Caesar’s Ghost
    • Chapter 5 – The Tale of Two Timelines
    • Chapter 6 – Return to the Nile
    • Chapter 7 – Hollywood Follies
    • Chapter 8 – A Renaissance Flair
    • Chapter 9 – The Paradox Incident
    • Chapter 10 – Ambitions of Caesar
    • Chapter 11 – Cowboys and India
    • Chapter 12 – The End of the Beginning
    • Chapter 13 – A Rift in Time désolé maître gims Playing Gardens of Time is very addictive especially if you can’t get star at the first time. It’s very challenging for your eyes ad brain function. It’s a good way of practicing your alertness and visual reasoning. Hope this guide has helped you!

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