Five More Tips for Boom Beach Beginners

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goldprägung planet erde Even with the tutorial, just getting your bearings in Boom Beach can be a difficult task. For beginners, the game can get complicated quickly and learning how to manage both your attacking forces and your base defenses can take time. With that in mind, we’ve collected some helpful tips for beginners to get you up and running.

  1. Wood is one of the most critical resources through most of the game. You are limited to a single sawmill on your island, but you can conquer additional resources bases early on to increase your supply of wood.
  2. Remember that you can chop the trees on both your main island and on any resource base islands you conquer (regardless of resource type). Cutting down trees gives you additional wood.
  3. Get tricky with your defensive layout and hide your rocket launchers and mortars behind trees to conceal them from the invading opponent. Another great trick is to hide mines and Boom Mines behind the upper-corner of a Sniper Tower.
  4. Always leave at least one space of empty ground between all of your defensive structures. If you don’t, an attacker can hit two of your structures with a single Artillery shell.
  5. It’s great that you get ships arriving carrying “tribute” resources, but hold off on collecting them until the ships are full. When the resources are still on the ships, they’re safe from looting by enemies who attack you.

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