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Another Dungeon Boss weekend challenge is upon us. This time, it’s the First Five Challenge — it’s a casual stroll down memory lane for most players. In this set of event dungeons, you’re limited to using just the first five heroes you earn in the game: Rogar Stonecrusher, Willow Swift, Yasmin Bloom, Shadowblade, and Stone Fist.

There are three different event dungeons to conquer, which adapt to your player level and increase significantly in difficulty. The first dungeon, Echo of the Past, is very easy to complete, but the third one, Deadly Dopplegangers, will take some clever strategy and resourcefulness to beat.

There are three random bosses for each dungeon and a total of 13 different hero token quests that you can complete.

An added bonus: there are lots of celestial evo drops, so this is a great event for finishing up some of those hero ascensions you’ve been waiting to complete.

If you haven’t played with the first five heroes in a while, this is a great chance to get re-acquainted with some old friends. Here’s a quick refresher course:

Rogar Stonecrusher

He’s the very first hero you played in the game, way back in the tutorial levels. Rogar is an armored dwarf warrior and a fire element hero. His armor means he takes less damage from physical attacks and he also has the perfect swing ability, which means that his hammer never misses its mark. If you have him ascended fully…

Willow Swift

She’s a fast rogue nature element hero, and you’ve probably been using her extensively in the game. When fully ascended, Willow has Sniper Shot, Evasive Shot and Arrow Barrage, making her a well-rounded hero and dangerous against most enemies.

Yasmin Bloom

Every good adventuring party has a healer, and Yasmin is the first one you added to your game. Yasmin is a water element hero. Most players drop Yasmin early on in favor of Chief NubNub, but you’ll be using her extensively in this dungeon event. When fully ascended, she has Team Mend, Cure Wounds, and Aegis Shield. The last power is formidable–it casts a blocking shield on a friendly hero that completely absorbs the damage of the first attack it faces.


A fast and mysterious rogue from the dark element, Shadowblade is a potent offensive hero, and offsets his somewhat weak health and defense with his dodge ability. When fully ascended, he has the From the Shadows, Vampiric Shurikens and Sickly Slice abilities. He’s an assassin through and through, and perfect for targeting some of the more powerful single enemies you’ll face.

Stone Fist

He’s big, tough and immune to nearly everything: the perfect tank. Stone Fist is a magical tank from the water element. Stone Fist is in your group to do one thing: attract as many enemy attacks as possible and absorb the damage, freeing up your other heroes to attack. When Stone Fist is fully ascended, he has the Fist of Justice, Taunt and Smack Down abilities.

Let’s take a look at the three different dungeons:

Echo of the Past

In this dungeon, you’ll face off against Lunar Prophets (shadow healers), Brutis Forgemender (water dwarf armored warriors), Highland Protectors (Light fast rogues) and occasionally Ekko, the magical undead spirit.

The bosses for this dungeon will be either Sir William, Phemus, or Torchy.

The strategy for this dungeon is pretty simple: take out the Highland Protectors as quickly as you can (they hit hard) and be smart about using your hero skills.

Depending on how well you’ve kept Shadowblade up on his skills and ascensions, you may want to have him sit this one out. If he’s relatively weak, the Highland Protectors will kill him instantly. But if he’s strong, he can be a real asset in taking them out.

Dungeon Boss - Echoes of the Past

Forgotten Shadows

In the second dungeon, you’ll face some different and slightly more challenging enemies and bosses. The dungeon is populated by Brutis Forgebreaker (a slightly more powerful version of Brutis Forgemender), Tombstone Giants (shadow magical tanks), Kin Shihan and Kin Assassins (both light fast rogues).

Ekko may also show up from time to time, just to keep things interesting.

The bosses will be either Bovus El Doro, Therand Fiddlestrom, or Nitpick.

The same goes for Shadowblade on this dungeon. He can either be a real asset or dead quickly, depending on his skills relative to your player level.

Deadly Doppelgangers

The third dungeon in the event is much tougher than the other two. Among other things, it features the return of Cobalt Ten, an overpowered fast water rogue who caused a ton of trouble for you back in the early levels of the game.

The full roster of enemies you’ll face here is: Soulfire Shihan (fire fast rogue), Cobalt Ten (water fast rogue), Lotus Shihan (nature fast rogue), and Tombstone Giants.

Just as with the previous two dungeons, Ekko sometimes makes an appearance to keep you on your toes.

The bosses will be either Pontifex Mortis, Alexandros, or Pignius Maximus.

Quick tips for this level: if you have Aegis Shield, use it before you arrive at the third stage. It helps to have Yasmin and your rogues protected when you first arrive. If you’re really good with your timing, you’ll also want to arrive here with Stone Fist’s taunt set so that he draws the initial attacks from Cobalt Ten and friends. This stage is easily the most difficult in the dungeon. If you survive it, the rest of the dungeon is like a walk in the park..a very dark and creepy park.

Dungeon Boss - Deadly Doppelgangers



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